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I'm at the end of my rope with Lenovo and its Customer Care Dept. I was initially given the run-around about a warranty repair and told the warranty had expired; it hadn't but all I had was the dated credit card receipt for the purchase date which was not "acceptable"  proof. I was forced to chase around for other documentation, pay addtional money to fax this info to Lenovo (I was told they had no mailing address for correspondence), told that the authorized service locations in my area could not be provided on the phone and were available online (a great response for a customer with a broken laptop), make repeated phone calls to Lenovo, etc. Almost five(5) weeks have elapsed since my first fax correspondence and I have heard nothing. There's no point calling customer service because all I get is the run-around. It does NOT take five weeks to review correspondence and documentation and make a decision.   I've read quite a few posts regarding the poor level of service from Lenovo and the nightmares customers have experienced. Has anyone had any success? Is there really no address for correspondence as I was repeatedly told? 
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Welcome to the Lenovo forum Smiley Happy
Sorry to hear about your experiences thus far.  Can you send me a private message with your contact information, system model and serial number and we can try to help you get this solved.
It sounds like you still need some help getting the warranty activated?   I understand when you don't have access to a computer that works to connect to the internet, why you would need assistance over the phone finding a local service alternative.  Sorry to hear you didn't receive that help.
Now that your online, and posting to the forum, perhaps the online tools would be useful to you?
CLICK HERE for the link to the web page to help you find the service provider near you.
I'll look for you private message (little envelope icon at top of the page) so I can help you with your warranty entitlement.
Thanks for sharing.
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I bought this Y500 7761 3AQ laptop almost a year back (21 Apr 2007). When i press the ONE BUTTON RECOVERY, this loads a faulty Vista Operating system. ( the start button doesnt work), i contacted the customer care for lenovo, but they said that the warranty has expired, though the warranty is still there for this product. The service center people say they cant service my laptop untill they get a CASE ID. I have been calling the lenovo customer care for this and they keep giving all the reasons they have instead of trying to get the problem solved. My warranty period for my laptop is going to expire next week. I want my laptop to be fixed as soon as possible. Hope to get some contact information regarding this.
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My sister's daughter Miss Ananya Ghatak who is a M.Sc. student at BHU purchased a Lenovo Lap Top in the month of May,2008. Code No. furnished from your end is RED358715019127 dt. 21.5.2008. May I request you to know about the status of waranty and gift to be sent for such purchase. Our e-mail address is <snip>. Thanks.

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I too am haveing issues with my warrenty running out early. I purchased my laptop in May of 2008 I have the purchase receipt and the check I payed for the laptop with. All dated for may but according to Lenovo my warrenty runs out in march. My laptop has had many issues such as Lenovo program wiping windows programs off the laptop and programming issues that slow the laptop down to a crawl. My power brick has also burned out twice now and due to no misuse on my part the cord keeps shredding where is meets the laptop. Right now my laptop which has a better processor, better video card, and a higher quality and quantity of RAM runs 4 times slower then my 4 year old Emachine desktop that only has 1.5 GB of RAM compared to my Lenovo's 4GB of RAM. The un responsivness of the Lenovo customer care to my complaints over the phone is getting frustrating and half the time the internet on my laptop will not work.
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This business of the expired warranty is a typical Lenovo response. Your receipt, dated May, 2008, is the date your warranty started; the date Lenovo is insisting upon is the date the laptop left their warehouse. This is absolute nonsense because no other manufacturer begins a warranty when merchandise leaves the warehouse. The warranty goes into effect when the customer buys the product. Just keep that receipt as proof and continue maintaining the correctness of the date on your receipt. Their response is part of the game.  I ultimately got help by exploring every available means of communication and contact. I used the address on the website to write a letter to headquarters. I used the Lenovo community and the web site and wrote e-mails to every possible place and forum. I finally got an e-mail response from a Lenovo employee who monitors the websites. This, in turn, got me in contact with someone who started working with me. It took me an incredibly long time to convince Lenovo of the problems and their responsibility for a laptop that was under warranty -- but it happened. The customer service via telephone is hopeless. They'll tell you anything just to get you off the phone. As you continue to pursue this, be sure to keep a record of contact dates, names, e-mails, etc. so you can validate that you have done everything possible to contact them and resolve the problem between now and May, 2009 when your warranty really does expire.
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Actually Dell does it too. But lack of local customer support in some places is a frustrating experience for customers.

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There is no such thing as Customer Service in LENOVO. It's just ridiculous. It does not even have a support chat, does not have repair order section. It has the worst customer service ever, if hardly exists. It has warranty plan, but for what? if you literally can't do anything with warranty..

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I purchased a Lenovo Thinkpad SL300 in December 2008 and have sent it in for servicing 3 times since then. Most of of the problems that were supposed to be fixed still remain and I am getting frustrated with increasingly snarky and offensive customer support representatives. At my wit's end, I finally posted a blog entry detailing every single interaction I've had with Lenovo to date, only leaving out the current one with a customer rep because it's still in process and I would hate to have her deliberately become difficult because she finds it. My post is meant to serve as a warning for anyone considering purchasing Lenovo products - you ought to be ashamed of promoting your products and services when you are so clearly incapable of providing good quality for either.

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horrible doesnt define lenovo service fully. It is worst worst worst service possible. My laptop is lying with Lenovo serice center for last 4 months now that too for a problem that occurred after only 1 year. LAST 4 MONTHS!

You spend $1200 for it and leave it with service center.

I dont know how this company is even running. NEVER EVER BUY LENOVO IN ANY CONDITION...YOU WILL BE RUINED.

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