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Re: Lack of oversight in service dept. X61T - Visions of bunny suited engineers.

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you should consider getting insurance or protection service on your tablet once it returns.   warranties are great but they don't cover the human factor in the equation. Smiley Wink

a few years ago i dropped my digital SLR camera once and caused $3500 in damage between the body, lens, and speedlite on what was over $10k in equipment.   had this not been covered under my PAF i would have felt like a total idiot.   instead i just felt like a partial idiot. Smiley Very Happy   $600 to fix a tablet isn't bad but it could have been markedly less had it been insured.

food for thought.

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Re: Lack of oversight in service dept. X61T - Visions of bunny suited engineers.

well those things happen... my old Macbook pro was totally trashed due to a little oversight on my part..... i bought it for around $3799, i ended up selling the junk pile for parts for little more than $400...