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Paper Tape
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Lenovo Edge 2 Won't Charge - Lenovo Support Not Helping!

Good evening! 

I have a Lenovo Edge 2 that has been babied since purchased. Never abused, dropped, no scratches or dents, it's in fantastic condition still. I purchased the extended warranty, hoping I'd never need it.

Last year, it stopped charging properly. The battery power dropped to 0%, and hasn't increased since. The machine will only power on when plugged in to AC power, and will immediately power down when the adapter is disconnected. The charging status indicator LED on the right side of the machine flashes orange in a non-steady, intermittent pattern, and the charging indicator in the taskbar in Windows 10 does the same thing. 

I returned the machine to Best Buy, they sent it to their "Geek Squad" facility for repairs, and the AC Adaptor and battery were replaced, under warranty. The machine was returned to me, and still doesn't charge.

I contacted Lenovo, they advised I would need to return it to their facility for repairs. I put it in the provided box, and dropped it off to FedEx on 6/24/17. It's now been 2 weeks. I contacted Lenovo to inquire about the status of the repair, and was told "The technician found evidence of damage, and the upper case will need to be replaced as well, but damage isn't covered under warranty, so you'll need to cover the cost of the repair." 

I asked for the price, was told "A technician will email you with the price." I inquired about the status of the original repairs, they told me the claim was on hold, pending my review and response to their technician's emails. 

I've been trying to reach out to their technicians, and they have not (and will not) reply to my requests for a call-back or email to advise of the status. Lenovo has had my machine for 2 weeks now, and I can't get any assistance in resolving this issue. I'm about to leave for some training, and I need my computer. As in, if I don't have my machine back in the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be forced to purchase another laptop. 

Is there anyone here who can help me resolve this dispute with Lenovo? I have included a photo of my laptop, taken 6/24/17, immediately before placing the machine in the box and delivering it to FedEx. I have more photos, but I can only seem to get one to upload at a time. Do I have any options here? I don't want to buy another computer, but if I can't get to a resolution soon, I'm going to be forced into that situation. 

Any and all available assistance is appreciated. Thank you!

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Re: Lenovo Edge 2 Won't Charge - Lenovo Support Not Helping!

Hello jeeper88, welcome to the Community,


Sorry to have to read about your experience but am happy to see that your case was escalated to customer relations who have yesterday requested that repairs continue and afterwards the system be returned to you.


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Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Edge 2 Won't Charge - Lenovo Support Not Helping!

Thank you for following up. Yes, Customer Relations reached out to me, and are attempting to rectify the situation. Time will tell if the resolution is adequate, but I'm hopeful at the moment.

I'll update everyone when I know more. As of now, the charges have been waived since showing proof of condition at time of mailing, and the hold has been removed from the repair order, so work should resume. I'm told I'll receive notification of the return date by tomorrow morning at the latest.

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