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Lenovo Offsite Repair Nightmare!!!!!

My experience with Lenovo customer service has BY FAR been the worst experience I have ever had with any sort of customer service. Being that Lenovo is a huge company, the experience I have had with them is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable. I purchased the Lenovo Yoga 920 in late January of 2018. I was missing a key, part of the hinge was broken, but most importantly my speakers needed to be replaced because they randomly stopped working one day. I sent my computer in 12/29/18 and it was received by the company 1/3/19. By 1/10, my computer was diagnosed and needed to retrieve parts to fix the computer. The update website said they would receive the parts by 1/15 but then that date changed to 1/17, etc. etc. Initially they had said that my computer would be repaired around mid 20s of January which was then postponed to 1/31. I kept calling them and STRESSED the importance of getting my machine back as soon as possible because I was starting college 1/23.

I had escalated my case on 1/18 and a representative told me the higher-up repair team would call me with an update in 3 business days. By 1/23 (three business days) nobody had called me, so I called Lenovo back and they said to wait 3-5 business days and that they still hadn’t received the part to repair the speaker. This was ridiculous as I had sent my computer to a repair center, yet they don’t have the parts to repair my computer…. doesn’t make sense to me. So, 1/25 was the official 5 business days and ONCE AGAIN I did not receive a call. I called back and spoke to someone who had told me my computer had been fixed for A WHILE now and they couldn’t get in to it to test it because they replaced my motherboard resulting in a bit locker key encryption on my hard drive. They needed the code to unlock it and were basically just waiting. I don’t remember signing up for this when setting up my computer, and according to Lenovo it is tied to a Microsoft account which I only have one of and wasn’t receiving any emails. This single event represents the lack of communication within the entire company and its customers as I had been receiving false information the entire time.

I then asked to speak to a supervisor (Ken) and asked him why representatives were telling me false information and why they weren’t contacting me if they needed a key that was supposedly linked to MY Microsoft account. (which it wasn’t, by my knowledge). He basically explained to me that he didn’t know, and I needed an entirely new computer and that they would run an investigation Saturday and Sunday (1/26-1/27) and a case manager would contact me (1/28) to figure out how to handle the replacement. Monday came around and no case manager contacted me. I spoke to another supervisor named Brian on Monday who basically told me they had no clue where my computer was in terms of repairment and would have someone call me Tuesday with an update. He also explained that Lenovo doesn’t run investigations during the weekend and would run one throughout the week (once again presenting me false information)

Surprisingly, someone did call my mother (as I was in classes) on Tuesday and explained that apparently my computer was ready to be shipped and was just waiting on a tracking number and someone would call us later tonight with the specifics. He then gave us the contact information of our case manager Greg. We received no call Tuesday night or Wednesday morning/afternoon on 1/30. I called Lenovo back and they basically told me they couldn’t help me and there was no point in calling because it was completely out of their hands and in my case manager, Greg’s (who was not answering his phone or returning his voicemails). They also promised me Greg would call me later that night. My mother, extremely frustrated as she had to lent me her computer, so I could complete my homework assignments, called Lenovo back around 6:30 pm. I asked for an update and they told me that my computer was in fact waiting for more parts in order for my hinge to be repaired. So not only were they not updating me properly, but they once again did not have the required parts to fix a problem they diagnosed ON THE 10TH OF JANUARY. He told me they basically had to replace my entire computer, which makes me believe there was a manufacturing error in the making of my computer as a representative told me my speakers probably broke because of me shaking it…. which I never did and just sounds like an illegitimate excuse. They explained once again they couldn’t do anything AT ALL and Greg was the only person who could do something. So out of an entire company with THOUSANDS of employees only ONE person who was completely MIA could help me. I asked for any other solutions (refund, replacement) and they said they couldn’t do anything, and I just needed to wait for Greg to call me. I asked if they could contact Greg (because he clearly wasn’t answering) and they said that they were not able to contact Greg and only I was able to contact him.

Now it is currently 1/31 and I still have no computer over thirty days later (for a supposed simple fix) and have received no call from anyone. This has been one of the worst experiences I have ever had with a company. I have had to waste my time and call Lenovo numerous times, each call being at minimum 45 minutes resulting in little to no information. Now I honestly have no clue what is happening and when I will receive my computer and I am extremely frusturated. 


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Offsite Repair Nightmare!!!!!

Wow mate, looks disgusting.

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