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Lenovo OneKey Recovery cannot backup to network drive - When will option be added?

Dear Lenovo,


I just spoke with a Lenovo customer service representative.  She confirmed that Lenovo OneKey Recovery will not backup to a network drive.  This is an unusual gap in functionality.

When will Lenovo update its OneKey Recovery software to be able to backup (and restore) from a network drive?  (i.e. NAS or Network Attached Storage)


(I am asking my question here as a Lenovo customer service portal.  If this is not Lenovo's customer service portal for questions submitted electronically, please direct me there.)

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo OneKey Recovery cannot backup to network drive - When will option be added?

Well I must say that the customer service rep you spoke with is incorrect!  You can indeed backup to a network drive, I JUST did it!  You can not backup to the NAS drive network addressSmiley SadEX:  //, it just must be first mapped to a drive letter(EX:  ZSmiley Happy.


As far as recovering from a NAS drive, that is where I am left a bit lost... I have a solution, but not as simple as inserting a recovery disc/usb and then doing a recovery from the network location.  All options to create a recovery disc seem to also include the data for the recovery, not just a recovery disc that then allows choosing of a location with the backed up recovery image.


My solution that should work although;  make a very minimal system backup to a DVD or CD.  Since the backup will then have the Windows OKR software, you could then within windows go about doing a system backup from a mapped network disc.


To be honest tho, I would recommend other backup software, after doing this update I realized that this software only has the option for full backups...  Kind of a pain that it is lacking an incremental backup(a backup that allows a 2nd set of backups to only backup changes made since the first initial full-backup -- saving lots of time from always doing a full backup). 


NOTE:  I have not actually completed a restore yet, the ability to restore I saw requires a reboot, which then I still am not 100% sure that you are then able to access the NAS backup image...  Another solution that I see will work 100% is within windows OKR you can choose the system recovery from image file and then proceed to burn CD/DVD which would work, albeit having to burn possibly several discs.


My next backup I will most definatly be switching my backup software Smiley Wink

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