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Lenovo P50 warranty simply dissapeared from lenovo website.

So a few months ago i bought a used lenovo P50. 32 gigs of ram, 6820hq, Quadro M2000M. 

I'm using it as a daily workstation. I payed quiet a bit for it but it's a good machine and i'm generally happy with it. 


Of course, one of the reasons i payed well for it was that it had almost 2 years of top notch international warranty remaining. 

It came from a German company, has been bought for company use in a big pack of maybe 50 or more pieces. 


When i was buying it i checked the international warranty using the machines serial number. The lenovo website said i have more then 500days of warranty remaining. So i bought the machine and have been using it since then.


Recently i tought that i was having problems with a malufunctioning USB port. Turned out it was my USB drive, not the port. But since i was thinking about RMAing it, not knowing that the port is actually fine. I went checking how much warranty i have got left. (This was about 3 months after i bought the machine). 


So i come to the lenovo warranty check, type my serial number in and a nice suprise is waiting for me there. 


Warranty status: expired, 0 days left. 

Together with the text: 


This machine was sold by the manufacturer without warranty. Claims for warranty service will be rejected by the manufacturer.

Origin: Factory Warranty



So okay lenovo, i understand that sometimes you sell machines with no warranty because the reseller is going to give it or whatever.

But how the hell can you think it's okay leaving the the wrong warranty info on the "warranty check" part of your website for almost 18 months, and then just all of the sudden you change the info overnight and my machine has no warranty now?


I wouldn't pay nearely as much for it if i had this info! Reselling laptops is a legal thing, how was i supposed to know that the machine will just loose the warranty out of nowhere? 

What the .... ? 

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Re: Lenovo P50 warranty simply dissapeared from lenovo website.

Hello athlon64,


You are correct that systems sold to a broker will be sold to the broker without warranty but my understanding was also, during my 13 years as an IBM / Lenovo business partner in Germany, that the broker is under an obligation to inform the purchaser of the non-existant warranty status.  That said, things may have changed since, so if you would like to send me your serial number by private message I can perhaps try and find out some more about what happened here.




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Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo P50 warranty simply dissapeared from lenovo website.

I'm not saying that the broker didn't inform the initial buyer/company about the fact that the machine has been sold with no warranty but i'm the third hand of this laptop. And somewhere in the chain the information has been lost or misunderstood. Which is quiet normal because the information on the Lenovo site is something that should be correct and reliable.

So i'm not saying that it's not okay to sell a machine with no manufacturer warranty. I'm saying it's not okay to keep the wrong info online because you can't rely on the fact that the "customer had been informed about it".

People sell machines.

Yes, sure, indeed i would like to know whatever you can give me abut the origin of this machine. I'm sending you the serial number using a private message.

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