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Lenovo PLEASE HELP-7 months with defective Ideapad and truly horrid customer service

Purchased Ideapad June '17, first call to customer support July '17 due to defect causing internet adapter to stop working routinely. From July '17 to Jan '18, upwards of 10 phone calls to customer support, one on site service, and even agreed to mail machine away for 6 weeks even though we had purchased on-site insurance.  We agreed to this because in Dec. '17 we were told that if the machine still wasn't fixed after the mailing in, we would receive a full refund.  I requested this be put into the support notes of Dec. and the person said he did this.  I Machine comes back in Jan '18, still not fixed.  I contact customer support again, your systems were down so I had to call at least 2 more times, now told my refund will be "escalated" though this still takes 4 days for another email from Lenovo that states the customer care manager will contact me within 24 hours.  But no one calls for 4 full business days until I call customer service again to track the person down and then call him.  Now I am told I will not get refund but can have a cash card that doesn't include the price of the software I haven't used but won't get the use of because it was a 12 month subscription.  I request new manager, am told by another customer support, this isn't possible. Requested number of legal department as husband is attorney and also located in Morrisville and he would drop off computer.  Am then told I will get new customer support manager but will take 3 more business days.  After 3 more days, no one calls but then finally same customer support manager calls. He has repeatedly failed to ever address why Lenovo is now in breach of the oral contract that was finalized in Dec of '17 with the agreement to mail away the machine.  I previously worked in consulting for many years, helping with system selections, business development, operational flow, and can say without question this is the worst customer service I have ever seen or experienced, truly the worst.  Nothing even begins to compare to the hours of wasted time with this.  I am quite frankly stunned that my experience is not isolated but appears consistent with others on this forum.  PLEASE LENOVO, WE ARE DUE A REFUND, NOT A CASH CARD.  MAKE RIGHT ON YOUR AGREEMENT TO US AND HELP US RESOLVE THIS TO BRING AN END TO IT.  I have never contemplated filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau or posting online messages of this sort but after 7 months of this I see no other option.  

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