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Paper Tape
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Lenovo Service - Disappointed

My Yoga 720 (80X7001SUS) developed what appeared to be 4" line of dead pixels at top right of the screen.  Contacted Lenovo service to open a ticket, they send me a shipping box, I send it back.  The laptop arrived at Lenovo on 12/5/17 and the notes say that a technician has identified the problem but parts are unavailable.  I suspect because this is the 4K screen, that they're less common.  Disappointing but understandable.  Last week (12/14ish) I chat with Lenovo support and the tech says the computer has been fixed but it's being "tested."


It's now 12/15 and 10 business days into the repair and the online status is still "waiting on parts."  So I have no idea if that's accurate or not.  Maybe they're going wrap it up today and ship it back.  Maybe the panel is still on a slow boat from somewhere.  In any case, I am VERY disappointed with Lenovo's service.


At the first sign of a problem Lenovo should have contacted me, I should NOT have to chase down information about my computer.  A computer, incidentally, that was fairly expensive.  Then that message should have contained information about the delayed part, like an ETA.  Certainly Lenovo must know where parts are in its supply chain.


At this point that I am so disappointed with Lenovo's service that, frankly, I would be hard pressed to buy another Lenovo product or recommend one to a friend.  So, Lenovo here's your chance to step up to the plate and make this right.

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Service - Disappointed

Apparently like a fool I missed the 600+ message thread detailing the problem with my laptop and the fact that it's not gonna be fixed any time soon, if ever.  And since Lenovo wants to keep valued customers in the dark, I guess I need to find a new computer.  The HP Spectre x360 was a close second when I decided to go with the Yoga 720.  Should I consider that again?  Maybe the Dell XPS.  Or maybe a Mac.


The last time I had a laptop in for repair was an IBM PS/Note in the middle 90's.  Zippy 486/SX processor, 4 MEGAbytes of RAM, 40 MEGAbyte HDD, about a 10" passive matrix display. Window 3.1.  I think I paid about $5400 in 2017 dollars.

  • Day 1 - call tech support
  • Day 2 - shipping box arrives, ship computer back
  • Day 3 - at repair depot
  • Day 4 - computer returned. 

Maybe that's what you get when you drop $5400 on a computer. <lol>



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Re: Lenovo Service - Disappointed

Hi Mike,


Have you requested that your case be escalated?  It is something I would recommend you to do if you feel that the amount time you have waited exceeds your expectations.  You can escalate by calling the support number for your product and country, once connected ask the representative to escalate your case number "#123abc" to a complaint; they will be able to do this on your behalf and also explain any further steps in the process. 




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