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Paper Tape
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Lenovo Support and Yoga 910



First of all - I am angry and I will not hide this. Polish Lenovo 3rd party support actually makes me sick of whole company, below, short story how Lenovo brand from "recommending to everyone" turned into "do not recommend at any circumstances". 


I bought a Yoga 910, paid in poland 6700 PLN which after currency exchange to USD is almost $2000. Reason for this was mainly - I trusted that if I buy it, OOBE will be great for years. Turned, I was totaly wrong. 


Few days after I bought this laptop, my screen started leaking pixels, on bottom right side, there were leaked pixels to the point that after long usage, especially under charger, whole right side of the screen had big color lines, right where taskbar icons were.


I have send this laptop to RMA, after a week I got it back and here the extreme disappointment begins:


- Screen rotation sensors were dead

- Tablet mode was dead, keyboard was normally working when I tried to use it as a tablet

- Hinge connecting screen and body is loose, half of the elements move, in short - in terrible state


I have sent is again to RMA as service complaint stating all of above. What have support done:


- Fixed sensors

- Didn't fix the hinge, it is in even worse condition now

- Laptop body was dirty, I had to clean up some weird red fluid from it

- Camera is broken to the state that hardware managment shows it as a simple PC Camera with hardware ID of..... an chinese USB stick. Non of Lenovo drivers works, windows is stupid and show either PC Camera or USB Video Device.


I am completely disgusted of what they have done to the point that If I will be forced to send it 3rd time with complaint, I don't know. I am using this laptop for work, it is used for presentations, I tend to show my clients hardware what I use, and what I am supposed to do now. Show it to the client and say straight away "Hey, I bought an Premium Business Laptop from a company which cannot fix a **bleep** thing and with each RMA they break it even more"?


If I send it right now to RMA, do I even get a working machine? I am really afraid! 


Lenovo 3rd party service name in Poland: HEMMERSBACH GMBH & CO.KG


Reason why I write this in forum is to make a visible notice about this issue and hear from Lenovo Support what they have to say about this. Are you guys aware that this company actually makes your name worse in eyes of customers? Also I would like to hear your proposition of fixing this issue since I have advised this company in second RMA - please check everything if it works, please fix the hinge so not a single element moves freely. THEY DID NOTHING!


How I am supposed to trust you now guys? Please give me some advice what to do now, I am lost. As much as I would love to trust Lenovo as a company, because in the past, I bought G570 which works till this day without single RMA and problem, Y50-70 which is the same, also over years couple other products for friends which as far as I know, they works, right now I cannot trust you. 


Best regards,


Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Support and Yoga 910

Bump, I am still waiting for answer from Lenovo, here, in public.

After today call to HEMMERSBACH GMBH & CO.KG, they just said to me, they don't have time to check the work without giving me a solid reason for this. This means that any laptop going to HEMMERSBACH GMBH & CO.KG is just "repaired" and they don't even check if everything works.

Additionally, they claim that hinge is not a part of RMA and they will not fix it, despite they are once who made elements loose there.

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Support and Yoga 910

Last bump, I guess no answer from anyone in Lenovo. You guys admit by this that you don't really care about customers and their problems.
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Re: Lenovo Support and Yoga 910

Hello Cryolite,


Sorry to have to read about your experience so far, clearly it's not the type of experience Lenovo should wish it's customers to have.  As you are unhappy with the level of service you have received I would recommend you call support for your product and country and request they escalate your most recent case number to a complaint. The numbers below should be the correct numbers for you to call.






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