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Lenovo Support

My experience with Lenovo and their lack of support and a not so good computer.


I purchesed a Lenovo Laptop, had to take it back as it didn't work, got another one, and after 3 months, had a major problem. Called Lenovo support and they said they knew what was wrong, send them $89.00 and they would send "repair/recovery" discs. Paid the money, got the discs, called Lenovo support, as instructed to do, and their tech walked me through the "fix". Bottom line, he wiped out my entire computer. In essence, what he did was format the hard drive which wiped all my installed programs, including Microsoft Office 2012, and all my data. I was left with a blank screen! Incidentially, the discs I paid $89.00 for were marked "To be distributed with a new computer". I never got those discs when I bought the computer, and they were also labeled IBM. Any novice can format a hard drive by clicking on My Computer, selecting Drive "C" and clicking format. You don't need "repair/recovery" discs to do that! Took the computer back, got my money back and wrote a letter to the CEO of Lenovo explaining what happened. NO RESPONSE. Wrote a second letter to the CEO of Lenovo explaining what happened and that I wanted my $89.00 back. NO RESPONSE. Wrote a third letter to Lenovo asking them to refund my $89.00, plus one third the cost of Microsoft Office. (You only get three installations of Microsoft Office.) All letters were sent to Mr. Yuanging, President and CEO of Lenovo and the envelopes were marked to his attention. NO RESPONSE. No phone calls, no e-mails, no letters, no refund, no nothing!


Lenovo sent me 4 or 5 "repair/recovery" discs and the first disc I put in, at the tech's instructions, did all the damage. Why would a company send that many discs to format a hard drive; because their technical staff doesn't know what they are doing. Why didn't Mr. Yuanging respond to my three letters, all addressed to him, because HE doesn't care. He got me for $89.00, that should have been in the box when I bought the computer. This goes back to Dec., 2011 and I still haven't heard from them. However, he can tell the stock holders at their annual meeting what a fine job Lenovo is doing. Fleecing the American public.


Lenovo is a company I would never do business with again. I would use a pencil and a piece of paper rather than use a Lenovo computer. As far as I'm concerned, they are incompetent and worse of all, UNRESPONSIVE!


I worked for 30 years for the company that sold the Think Pad line to Lenovo. When we made products, we stood behind our work 100% and there are millions of users of IBM's products that will attest to that. IBM is the company that sold the Think Pad line to Lenovo, and I'm proud to have worked for a company that had compassion and did quality work and knew what they were doing. (I used a Think Pad for 5 years, donated it to a little boy and it's still operational. That was 12 years ago.)


Anyone caring to respond should do so at the following address as I do not plan on returning to this web site: *


I know Lenovo will not respond so let me hear from you.




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Lenovo Employee Ty_Lenovo
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Re: Lenovo Support

Hello jjcamper,


I am sending you an email to offer my assistance, if you can reply as your schedule permits.


Best Regards,



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