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Punch Card
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Lenovo Taiwan won't remove a mysterious "Loaner Machine" warranty upgrade on my Thinkpad T460s

I've been trying to contact Taiwan Lenovo's warranty registration team that sometime in the second week of June, someone suddenly placed a "Loaner Machine" warranty upgrade on my Thinkpad T460s (Upgrade type P2L) without my authorization.


The description of the P2L upgrade is

"This product is entitled to loaner machine support for up to 1 year in which actual support duration follows machine's base warranty. Loaner machine is available for customer with repair service exceed 3 business days turnaround time. This service is limited to in-warranty service claim and exclude out of warranty, customer induced damage or machine DOA. Any damage to the loaner machine will be charged to the customer."


The laptop was purchased in March, so I was not happy about this mysterious upgrade that suddenly appears 2.5 months later. In fact, I can isolate its sudden appearance to be between 6/3 to 6/9.

Additionally, this upgrade has been preventing my ability to purchase a warranty extension on Taiwan Lenovo's website.

I contacted Lenovo Taiwan about this, and they said that this is a special favor for all Lenovo Taiwan customers starting from the beginning of the year. However, a friend of mine has a Thinkpad purchased from Lenovo Taiwan in February, and it doesn't have this mysterious upgrade that appears out of no where.

In any case, Taiwan Lenovo refuses to remove this upgrade, saying that I could call them if I want to purchase warranty extensions. But I would prefer to purchase warranty extensions on the web at my leisure instead (especially when my Mandarin speaking ability isn't that great).

What could be done to escalate this?

Punch Card
Posts: 19
Registered: ‎01-26-2013
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Re: Lenovo Taiwan won't remove a mysterious "Loaner Machine" warranty upgrade on my Thinkp

Literally had to create a powerpoint presentation to explain this warrany upgrade problem.


I've been very persistent in telling them I don't want that Loaner Laptop warranty. I would think if I don't want a free gift, one should respect that. Additionally, I feel very uncomfortable that someone would be adding a warranty on my laptop months after purchase without notification. When I told the representative that a friend's laptop purchased this year didn't suddenly get upgraded with a Loaner Warranty, that representative asked for the serial number of that friend's laptop. I refused to give it because that's the property of my friend. (And isn't it also a protocol of Lenovo forums for users never to disclose serial numbers in a public conversation?)


Finally, that representative says he would remove it, but it might cause some sort of tension within his organization or some overseas organization, whatever that means. He said that they would have to file a request to some organization overseas for processing.


I've also tried to contact Lenovo US earlier. They indicated that they would have been willing to remove that warranty, but they couldn't because the laptop is located in Taiwan.

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