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Lenovo Tech Broke My Computer and Lenovo Has Nothing to Say

New low in customer service. Had a Lenovo tech here to do a warranty replacement of the display on my laptop and he left it in much worse shape than he found it and gave us a scare as an added bonus. He was yelling and clearly kicking things around out of frustration several times while he was here and then just left. I had debated asking him to leave but was honestly afraid to engage him, but having him just leave was really odd. Called the cops to be sure it was documented and to see if there was anything else we should do.


And while that was all odd enough, then I called Lenovo to see what they would do to sort this out and all they can do is escalate me for a call from a supervisor in 2-3 business days. 

Got an email yesterday saying they would get back to me in one business day and then tonight got this gem from escalated support:
Subject: 02554745 [ ref:_00D30V2Wu._5001412BHaF:ref ]

Hello Mr Freeman
This is regarding your Lenovo computer and the recent onsite service for your unit. I certainly apologize if the onsite technician did not repair your computer to your satisfaction.
It is Lenovo's policy to ensure complete customer satisfaction and professional service to our customers. Please advise if your machine is still inoperable.
Thank you
Lenovo Case Manager
They seem to be missing the fact that the tech broke the machine and was so creepy we called the cops.

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Re: Lenovo Tech Broke My Computer and Lenovo Has Nothing to Say

Hello hombrelibre, welcome to the community,


and that also under these circumstances.  I'm sorry to have to have read your post but am happy to see that you were able to immediately involve the customer relations team; that was certainly the right thing to do. In their response I think the case manager has felt it important to quickly acknowledge, directly to you, the creation of the case and their wish to know whether or not your system is in an operable condition;  I'm sure there will be more questions once they begin looking deeper into the situation at hand and I would ask that you do make contact with them to help clarify the situation.


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