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Bit Torrent
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Re: Lenovo Thinkpads and IBM ... Comments Please

TK, i read your IBM's Mac program, but i am not surprised at that at all... IBM have sold their PC/Laptop division to Lenovo, Lenovo employees in China before it acquired the TP and TC from IBM, all used IBM based laptops... Apple is like a fashion house or ultra luxury car manufacturer, they have many design revolution that clear puts the competitor to shame.... so other manufacturers would always try to distill its essence that they can copy for their next product release.... just like Merc started many trends, which other car manufacturers soon followed, i.e. ABS, seatbelt, disc brakes, etc..... while TP (whether under IBM or Lenovo) is more akin to Volvo (currently owned by Ford), its products are evolutionary rather than revolutionary, all the design are tried and tested.....

Volvo cars safety as many knows are second to none, its roof rigidity is the best in the industry (i.e. XC 90 use boron steel roof), Lenovo thinkpads now got roll cage protection for its screen, its strong enough to support my friend's 80 kg weight, without permanent damage to his screen (i hope).. which is no surprise considering that Lenovo spends around 1/3 manufacturing dollars on the screen & its protection alone....
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Re: Lenovo Thinkpads and IBM ... Comments Please

wjli2 -
thank you very much!
much appreciated.
Smiley Happy
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Re: Lenovo Thinkpads and IBM ... Comments Please

As in most cases of corporate transition, you win some and you lose some...

We've lost IPS FlexView LCDs and 4:3 screen format

We've gained overall build quality at lower price and windows key... I'd love to lose that one but nevermind

X300 is a fine and promising machine that still leaves a lot to be desired given the price tag...

I'm quite willing to wait and see what the next generation of ThinkPads brings...

In the meantime, how about some serious LCDs on non-tablet models...

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Re: Lenovo Thinkpads and IBM ... Comments Please

The build quality of the current thinkpads is better than the old ones. The GPU problems, LCD being damaged due to insufficient protection of the lid, all a thing of the past due to the rollcage.

The new thinkpads may look worse though,  as there is only a plastic cover on top of the rollcage (I wish it could be of better quality and more wear resistant). But I'd trust the current thinkpads more than the older ones.

Loss of the IPS screens is a minus, but have you guys seen the older SXGA+ LCDs ? Absolutely horrendous. Now at least we get WSXGA+ and WUXGA which are much better.


For those knocking dell quality, check out the lattitude/precision line from dell. They are very well built, and absolutely better than the T4x/T3x series. Really solid.


Its unfortunate that apple does not offer WUXGA or even WSXGA+ on their 15.4" MBPs

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Thinkpads and IBM ... Comments Please

I really like my T61. Its simplicity is one thing that attracted me. I like its proported ruggedness, althoiught I have

not tested this.  Another thing that I really like is its quietness, if that is a word.


It came with Vista Business, I partitioned the hard drive, and  added XP.  These was an issue so I had to reinstall Vista. I

then decided that I wanted Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop so I partitioned it again, and added Suse.   The Suse installation

appeared blurry, so I removed it and added XP Prof again. Now I dual boot with Vista and XP.


I have no issue with my T61 at all. There is probably not much more that I can do to it, and it still works great.



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