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Lenovo U530 Defective Hinge



I bought my U530 Touch from Vatan Computer in Turkey, on November 2014. Let me first make clear that the law states the standard warranty period as 2 years in Turkey, so my laptop is still under warranty. 


What happened to maybe hundreds of people on this forum happened to me, too. One day, a little over a month ago, when I was opening the lid of my laptop, I felt a resistance and the plastic casing on the left hinge cracked slightly as I tried to open my computer. But when it was fully open, the plastic was cracked and would not get back into its original position and it was clear that closing the lid was not an option anymore. I could see the faulty hinge and some cables from the opening between the screen and the cracked plastic. Thankfully, my screen didn't crack like so many users' here and I was able to use my laptop as a desktop for a few weeks until I could take it back to Vatan Computer, lid open, so that they could send it to service. 


I received a message 6 days later stating that I had to pay the quarter of what I had payed for my computer (1000 USD) in order to get it fixed because it was "due to user error". Talking to Vatan computer or technical service on the phone was useless. I tried to explain to them that I take very good care of my computer, I have not dropped it, they cannot find any indication of misuse on the machine, but they wouldn't even listen to me. So I contacted Lenovo Turkey for support. They did not respond within the 24 hours they promised so I filed a complaint on a popular complaint site in Turkey. That is when I received a reply, albeit a single sentence: the repair fee is valid. 


Then I replied with a lengthy e-mail stating that this hinge problem is obviously a design flaw since hundreds of people from all aropund the world have shared their experiences online over the years. One thread in this forum even claims that there is a solution if you reference Service TIP HT102591. Can you guess the reply I received? A single sentence: the repair fee is valid.


So I called Lenovo Turkey, wasted another 15 minutes of my life on the phone for no use. I also updated my complaint on the complaint site stating everything that's happened. This got me a somewhat more detailed response: 2 photos of a computer (probably my computer) from the service where the lid is more than 100 degrees open, plastic casing over the hinges have been completely removed and the faulty hinge exposed. The response stated that the repairs cannot be made under warranty because my laptop was damaged. 


I replied once again and told them that I have never dropped my laptop, never misused it in anyway and the only damage was caused by the faulty hinge itself while I was trying to open my computer. What am I to do, never open the computer, or never close it? What kind of a laptop is that?


Right now, I am waiting for Lenovo's reply. My computer has been in the service for nearly 2 weeks.



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