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Blue Screen Again
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Dear Lenovo users and employers

I leave here my completely disgusting experience with lenovo technical support in United Kingdom. I open my case on Tuesday 12/04/2011 (plz remember i have Onsite Repair 5x9/Next Business Day and protection service) I make phone call to lenovo uk support about problem on my thinkpad (t510)

- problem on usb port
- water damage on LCD screen

Next day 13/04/2011 i receive call form technical support ( DHL have a problem in my post address ) I’m pretty sure a guy from lenovo make a mistake on my address !!!

- another next day  (14/04/2011) nobody from DHL come to pick up my laptop and nobody from lenovo phone me back I make phone myself. AND what !!! this same problem WRONG address AGAIN ? so … for security reason... I fix TWO times my address on TWO different person on this time and technical support inform me about courier in next day (Friday 15/04/2011. alright i take another day off for delivery and WHATS HAPPEN !!!

- On Friday (this next day) I receive phone from lenovo and technically support say on courier on MONDAY ( i last another day AWSOME AWSOME !!!) (where is your next day service )!!!

oh now we have monday (18/April) almost one week time !!! did you think courier come to me ????

NOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!

Did you think somebody form lenovo take CARE about this ??? no  !!!

did you think courier come to me in 19 of april NOOO / did you think somebody from lenovo make any care about this NOOOOOOOO

on 20/04 i make a phone call to technical support and …. who guess who !!! WRONG ADDRESS  i spoke with guy Alexander Constantin ( God bless you) Alexander fix my address also send me e-mail to confirm this address i think fixed fixed fixed !!!  ok next day

21/April i have phone call from delivery guy BECAUSE he have a problem to find my address (JOKE) ok … in next few min. i have a DHL on front door and what i see on paper work. DATE 18 of april monday !!! (on that day he should be to pick-up my laptop ) AND WRONG ADDRESS AGAIN !!!!!!!!!! BRILLIANT BRILLIANT SUPPORT !!!

ok on day 21/April courier guy pick up my laptop and send to lenovo

god bless you for NEXT DAY SERVICE from 13/April to 21/April !!!

from 22/Aprill till 3/may my laptop is on repair center LONG 11 DAY

PICK UP Day 3/may

i receive my laptop open i run  and what !!!! you don’t fix my screen you change my motherboard , fan, keyboard (i don’t know why this new is working bad) you also upgrade my BIOS but you don’t fix my screen you also give me a paper work, somebody put a big fat cross


HOW YOU DO THIS !!!! how you test my computer and didint fix my screen !!!!


i make phone call and send few e-mails women from technical support arrange a delivery guy for today.... for security reason i check yesterday (04/may) my address and was ok !!!!

Today i have phone call from DHL guy he have again problem on my address !!! AGAIN YOU GIVE HIM WRONG ADDRESS ok i fix this on phone. and that same time again delivery guy on my front door....

and magic question WHERE TO SEND THIS . you don’t give a delivery address where to send this useless computer FACEPALM. !!! another phone call to technical support another time you have my address wrong [don’t forget guy Alexander (good bless you) ]who fix my address on your system on 20/April/

and tomorrow 6/May , almost ONE month from my first call somebody pick up my laptop again ( i hope) BIG HOPE

god bless lenovo technical support in uk. i really can’t  believe you still work !!!

so i have few question i also send this question to Sarah J.

Sarah also send my e-mails to :,
Mark xxxxxxx<>
Lucia <>
probably lenovo soliciors team

I would like to know who is a “” ???? this person work in lenovo  ??

so my questions :

- WHY you technical support FEW times make this same mistake on my postal address ?
and to this same problem again and again.

- WHY on Thursday (14/04/2011) and 18/april 19/april nobody from technical support don’t make any care to call me back about problems.

- WHY on Thursday (14/04/2011) technical support give me give me information about next day courier visit on Friday and WHY on Friday this same guy call me and say courier is coming on monday . why technical support LIE me about this !!!

- WHAT kind a responsibility you take for lenovo technical service support and lenovo warranty support ( i ask few times on technical support line and nobody say me this)  and WHERE i can find this on lenovo website.

Why Sarah is a LIAR. ??? and why lenovo technical support LIE me all the time

and for end Dear lenovo according  Information Commissioner's Office i would like
receive all phone conversation between me and lenovo technical support.
most important is a first conversation from 12/April when i open my case.

pls don’t lie me you exactly know what is inside this conversation

is a - my full working postcode and address and also information what is wrong in my compurter

. for very very end i have question Who Can Handle This? PURE USELESS WORST TECHNICAL SUPPORT - LENOVO UK (FACEPALM) !!!

p.s don’t lie my i have recorded conversation from today and yestarday also i have dhl paper work and e-mails copy !!!

ps.2 did you know nobody say to me simply apologize



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Blue Screen Again
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Dear Lenovo 


I run my computer today and what I see 




I order my laptop with optimus technology, after visit in your super brilliant awesome UK service my optimus card disappear from system. 


You change my motherboard for simply version you chicky HAHAHA useless


I have good idea to see somebody from this useless company in court !!! 


is 10.16 am UK time and i wait for DHL .... LoL i hope last time !!!! 



Blue Screen Again
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You are useless worst service in all the world 



WRONG ADDRESS AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


how you do this 



Blue Screen Again
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Yesterday I receive a e-mail from deport "Dear client, we are awaiting a new motherboard. At this time, we do not have an ETA.Thanks & regards,Depot Ops Administration Manager.IBM Integrated Technology Services."So that's is a proof lenovo send me first time a computer without optimus graphic card I spoke also today on technical support line If this is a true - what will be the worst ever technical supportfirst - lenovo replace my computer motherboard without optimus gfx BECAUSE "that was" on the deport (so we give you) when I notice this lenovo replace to motherboard with optimus gfx heh . This is a joke !!! I can believe you stealing people on this way. Is like to pay for car with air condition and receive without !!! thief's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!obviously nobody from lenovo don't care about this


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I appreciate your frustration.  As I understand it, your case is being actively worked by our customer relations team responsible for your region and I have inquired on your case.


I would ask that you try to work with that team to resolve your concerns in a fair and equitable manner.


Best regards,



Blue Screen Again
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Hello (Again)

I simply create a new post because Mark_Lenovo close my original topic “Lenovo UK - WORST EVER EXPERIENCE PART”

I back to time when i finish ( 12 / 05 / 2011 )

On this day i receive a phone number from customer service lenovo and guy give me a promise to get my computer back on next week time ( 19/May or 20/May)

On this day also Mark_Lenovo lock my post on lenovo forum

On Day 13/May/2011 i receive e-mail from Mark_Lenovo He wrote to me Two very important sentence

“ We definitely hear that you are having a problem and want to resolve it, but think that we can best do that outside the forum at this point. “   


“We value you, and your business, and would really like to see this situation resolved to your satisfaction.”

Why i say this ??? BECAUSE from 13/05/2011 Lenovo Customer Service don’t DO NOTHING to fix this problem.

On Tuesdays 17/May/2011 I make a phone to technical support and ask why lenovo install wrong motherboard on my laptop. ( i record this conversation) (And Technical Guy on the phone inform me you simply install wrong motherboard on my laptop) I send this conversation to Sarah Escalations/CMT team. And i ask her “ why you install wrong mother board on my computer) and Sarah send me back

“ Lenovo have not installed the incorrect mainboard. Lenovo are simply replacing the part. “

Well done !!! i send you recorded conversation and you know every single RECORDED world between me and technical stuff. WOMEN THIS IS A RECORDED PHONE CONVERSATION AND YOU SAY THIS IS NOT A TRUE !!!!. Mark_Lenovo you also have this file. !!!

On 20/May/2011 ( On this day i should receive my computer back) Mark_Lenovo wrote to me

“I'm told the replacement system board is expected in early next week of May 23rd and the depot has instructions that this is a priority repair”

on 23 of May i receive a information from Sarah :

“I have been in touch with the front office and also the parts department. I have escalated the part issue already.

They have responded today that owing to the Japan earthquake and the subsequent major disruption to parts being shipped, the motherboard will  arrive in week 24.

This means that unfortunately we will have to wait another 2 weeks.

Next day 24/May - 9.02am i receive i have a call from Lenovo ( from Sarah)

She did’t presented her name and company just say to me i “have for you three option. “

Ha ha ha !!! next time babe when you call to me say your name !!! I’m not a horse on country road !!!

I have this option to chose “

1. Refund of the original defective machine. (The machine for which you purchased. MT-M: (removed)
S/N: R9-9 (removed)

2. Repair of the replacement machine (currently in depot awaiting part)

3. Replacement of the above  machine like for like.”

After 43 days of battle between me an technical support you offer to me REFUND.

You give me a refund and i should forget about this problem ???

My computer is on lenovo deport from 9/may today is a  25/May/ and you tell me wait another TWO weeks time.

I simply ask why you do this You Shipping time on lenovo web site is a between 1 and 2  week time

i simply ASK why you don’t order a new computer ????

Who work in this company what kind of logistic specialist ???

On normal company who respect a customer your manager SHOULD take a company MasterCard - make a order for most expensive laptop on lenovo make a order for me and send this ASAP after this he SHOULD make a phone to me and invite me to visit on lenovo HQ and fix this problem on the lunch. In normal company not in lenovo !!! you don’t have any respect for customer.

You don’t have any respect for UK  law and UK consumer rights including

Consumer Credit Act 1974
Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977
Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999

And plss Mark_Lenovo don’t lock this topic again

True is True .

You don’t do absolutely nothing to fix this problem AGAIN

After almost 2 months time you offer to me refund WHO cover my time
Who cover my NEW computer and WHO cover my all phone cost to lenovo. ????

I never buy nothing from lenovo and my friends and company customers also don't buy nothing from lenovo. And HOW many people after reading this topic buy something from Lenovo ???

Former Administrator
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There is honestly nothing further that we can do for you here in the forum since you have a hardware problem, and the proper team has been engaged and has been working with you in good faith to resolve your problems.


I understand that you are upset and that more time has passed than either of us would like.  


Your system is waiting on a system board, and we believed that one would be available by 5/23 - it has been constrained in availability.   As new systems have some lead time to order, we believed that we could get parts and get your system repaired faster than we could replace it.


Since there has been further delay on the part, and understandably, you have pressed the point on time, we have offered 3 alternatives:


1) Continue to try to repair your system once the required parts are available to us


2) Order a replacement system that is equivalent or better than the model that you had if the model you had is no longer available due to product transitions.


3) Offer a refund if you cannot wait for either the repair or the time to order / build / deliver a replacement system for you.


Pragmatically, these are options available to resolve your trouble.   Please select from one of these three options and continue to work with our customer relations representative to reach conclusion on this.







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