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Paper Tape
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Lenovo V510-15IKB Problem Coil Whine / Service Issue

I bought a Lenovo V510 when it was on sale in Turkey about 4 months ago. Since I already had a laptop I did not setup that new laptop immediately till 1.5 months ago. When I started to use it especially at nights I noticed there is a very loud coil whine coming from the laptop when I leave it plugged in. I tried it with different outlet, bought a new adapter the coil whine did not go.


Then I decided to send it to the Lenovo service. I was very disappointed with the quality of the Lenovo support. They are very unserious about the problem and very rude in the way they treat the customer. They are doing all kinds of tricks to prevent me from returning the laptop and ignoring the problem. In Turkey in the first 6 months if there is a factory problem I should be able to return the laptop and get a refund. My laptop is in the service for about 1 month. I have to travel for about 1.5 hours to go to the service (I did not want to use the shipping option since I did not want to deal with shipping problem like breaking the laptop). They are making me go there for the 3rd time in one month.


Since coil whine is a factory problem I want to get a refund or get a new laptop. Can a Lenovo represantative help me with that?



Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.


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Re: Lenovo V510-15IKB Problem Coil Whine / Service Issue

Hello and welcome to the Community,


If you are not satisfied with the level of service you are receiving or disagree with the conclusions of a service partner you can ask for your case to be escalated by calling support for your product in your country. When you call you should have your system serial number and currevt service case number at hand, after entering these and your personal contact details the representative will be in a position to escalate on your behalf. I believe the below number is correct for your product in Turkey.








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Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo V510-15IKB Problem Coil Whine / Service Issue



Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately the call center is not useful at all. They just keep telling I have to go to the repair center and talk to them. The personel of repair center are very rude. I tell them there is coil whine in the device they just try to hear the noise using their ear in daytime. They seem very unprofessional. I want to return the device. I am very disappointed by them. I feel like they took my money and gave me nothing in return.

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