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Paper Tape
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Lenovo burnt out HDD twice, then warranty ran out as repairer came back from holiday

 am hoping you can help a troubled Lenovo customer.

In April 2011 I bought a Lenovo (J4G 0301) from K Ltd who
had sourced it from their trade supplier Micro-P. I had heard
excellent recommendations about Lenovo and was excited about my

In August 2011 the machine stopped functioning and I returned it to
K. They returned it to Omnicrom who repaired it and
who charged K (and in turn me) me £x to restore the settings and system.

On March 11th of this year it stopped entirely again and I was advised
it was a repeat of the initial problem, The HDD had burnt out so I
returned it to K again.

By the time they had caught up with Omnicrom where the key staff were
on holiday and returned from holiday to advise they were unable to
offer Lenovo repairs any more.

Kohera then contacted Lenovo but were told the warranty had just
expired on March 22nd. This was highly frustrating as we had been
waiting for a response from Omnicrom prior to March 22nd and also that
the problem was a repeat of the  September 2011 issue. So to have
missed the warranty by a few days was extraordinarily frustrating.

So I am now left with an expensive paperweight and the cost of getting
a new laptop.


It is clear there was a hard disk failure due to design fault and that a known working replacement drive was also corrupted.

I would be grateful if anyone could propose a way forward as I seem to
have reached an impasse.


Please can anyone help get my Lenovo repaired or
replaced and restore my faith in a brand I had had strongly
recommended to me.


Retired SuperMod
Retired SuperMod
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Re: Lenovo burnt out HDD twice, then warranty ran out as repairer came back from holiday

GeorgeD, welcome to the forum,


sorry to hear about your experience, it's certainly unlucky and unusual to lose two hard drives in that space of time, but not unheard of. Smiley Sad


You mentioned in your post that you purchased the system in April 2011 and that according to Lenovo your warranty ran out on March 22nd this year.  All is not lost; please call service again and quote the call number from your last contact with them in March, request again that they review the call and offer to send them a copy of your purchase invoice; the invoice is proof of the date your warranty started and therefore proof it should end in April this year, not March22.


Please let us know how you get on.



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Lenovo Employee Ty_Lenovo
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Re: Lenovo burnt out HDD twice, then warranty ran out as repairer came back from holiday

Hey GeorgeD,


Please check your PM inbox - I am looking to get some assistance for you.



Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo burnt out HDD twice, then warranty ran out as repairer came back from holiday


Thanks so much fo rhte help and support.


The HDD is installed and the disks uploaded and it all appears to be working fine.


Or rather, it is now working fine. Thanks for all the help.


I am still nervous that there is something fundamentally wrong that caused the burnout in the first place. But I am back in business!



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