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What's DOS?
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Lenovo customer service issues: now suing for collection on PAID ThinkPad?

I am a former IBM employee and so a long-time and loyal fan of ThinkPads. While the laptops are great, unfortunately the customer service with Lenovo is unbelievably bad -- and the company deliberately makes themselves VERY difficult to talk to.


This morning I had a call from a lawyer. Lenovo Canada is suing my son for not paying for a ThinkPAD. WRONG!

We paid for the ThinkPad on credit card in June 2011. Lenovo made a mistake and did not process the payment. We got a call SIX MONTHS later asking us to pay again. So we did, but this time by cheque so we could track it. The payment went through in January 2012. (We have the cheque and the proof). But now Lenovo has sent the same invoice number to a lawyer's office and we have 7 days to prove that we paid it.


The lawyer mentioned that many of the customers Lenovo is suing have similar stories. We have paid, but they have made repeated mistakes processing payments or handling records at their end.


I have called Lenovo, but of course that gets me through to Mexico. I am told that someone from Lenovo Accounts Receivable will call me back "within 20 minutes", but no call ever comes through. There is no phone number listed anywhere that will actually ring in the U.S. or Canada.


I would advise anyone thinking about a ThinkPAD to keep every receipt and credit card statement because you are going to hear from them in 6 months, then in 12 months, and you might well get SUED. I would happily take this to court, but this is my son and his credit rating on the line.


Lenovo, can you PLEASE get your act together?  Call off the lawyers PLEASE?


A very frustrated customer in Canada.

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Re: Lenovo customer service issues: now suing for collection on PAID ThinkPad?



Thanks for reporting this - I want to help you get this sorted out.


I am replying to you via email -you can also send me that via private message.  


We will work with you to get this resolved.


Thanks again for reporting it.


Best regards,



What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo customer service issues: now suing for collection on PAID ThinkPad?



I am from Montreal and also received a notice for non-payment.  Can you share how you were able to resolve this.  The collection agency told me the file was closed becuz it was under $100 but don't want this on my credit score and moreover, don't want to pay 2x.


Many thanks!



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