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Lenovo doesn't care anymore

I bought a first gen X1C two years ago. After waiting over a month for it, I had to send it back after a week due to a screen malfunction. A few months later, back it went due to a fried system board. Lenovo initially tried to charge me $1000 to repair that, but finally admitted it was a build quality issue and repaired it for free. A few weeks ago, my X1C died AGAIN, presumably from another system board failure. 


I was ready for an upgrade so I went ahead and bout a second generation X1C. Received the machine today and.... giant scratch on the screen! I call Lenovo to return it and the best they can offer this loyal ThinkPad customer of 15 years is a 5% discount. I am leaving the country in two days and I hoped to have a laptop to work on. 


I've reached the conclusion that Lenovo no longer gives a darn about its ThinkPad customers. It's going to be hard to let go and move on to another brand, but I just don't know what to do at this point. 



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Re: Lenovo doesn't care anymore



Very sorry to hear about your string of bad luck with your X1 Carbon purchases!


The timeframe of 2 days does honestly pose a bit of a challenge. The system could be repaired or replaced to correct the screen, but it may be hard to accomplish this before you leave.


How long will you be out of the country?   We can escalate the situation and have a case open for when you return to ensure this can be repaired and what other steps we can take to regain your confidence.


To arrange additional help, I will need your contact information, and the type / serial information from your new carbon, and if you have the order number that would be really great to include as well.


Best regards,



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