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Lenovo has been the biggest disappointment

So I got a y510P with sli 755M like 2 years ago. After getting it I found out about all the problems that were documented with this series of laptop. In this time frame I have been disapointed by the fact Lenovo has not even attempted to fix or make right any of these problems even when some of them have hundreds of pages of discussion on the forums. The situation is compounded when the only support provided to us is a community forum on a very broken website or a paid for support service. Seriously can anyone say they like this website? Half the links don't work, the drivers section for my laptop is missing drivers, even this forum submission box doesn't resize right with the resize slider. Finding topics is awful. In general this is an awful website to have to navigate.  


List of laptop Problems

1. The palm rest lip protrudes up and hurts your wrists (maybe only a problem with some untis but it sure is a problem with mine). I solved this with some sand paper but seriously I never thought I would have to grind off parts of a laptop before.... 


2. Wifi whitelist. This prevents us from adding 5Ghz wifi and we can only use "lenovo" rebraded overpriced wifi cards. I was able to solve this with InsideH2O unlocked bios bus seriously lenovo? Many people don't want to do this and there is many pages of people complaining about it.


3. Ultrabay whitelist. Can only use approved ultrabay products that came with our laptop. Can't sli a 750 with a 755 or the other way around without modifications even though Nvidia supports it. I was able to solve this with InsideH2O unlocked bios bus seriously lenovo? Many people don't want to do this and there is many pages of people complaining about it.


4. Ultrabay products were discontinued less than half a year after I bought the laptop! This was advertised as a way for me to upgrade my laptop. It also seems they never made an elusive ultrabay blueray drive. SAD! Originally second 755M could be had for $100. Now people on ebay are selling them to suckers for up to $500! Then they have to hope it's in the whitelist!


5. Trackpad peels off/glue lets go and is very cheap. Trackpad buttons are very cheap.


6. Screen flicker/blank/ultrabay gpu not being detected or working.


7. Nvidia cards sporatically not working at all on sli version. 


7.5 SLI barely works even when it does work. (not really Lenovos fault) but seriosly some games are UNPLAYABLE with SLI. SLI causes microstutter in games where it does work. Drops FPS in games that are incomaptible. The whole thing relies on the flaky nvidia drivers to know what to do. When SLI is on this laptop literally overheats to the point of it smelling like melting plastic. Hot air coming out on both sides and it does not seem safe. 


8. Nvidia Optimus. Awful in general but lenovo took the lognest time getting drivers for windows 8.1 and then for 10. Optimus completely broken with some games. Optimus was completely broken with linux for the longest time. Optimus is completely unusable with hackintosh. What garbage. We should have been able to just use 1 GPU without intel or SLI. That's all we really need. 


9. The laptop overheats like crazy. I have it on a cooling pad and it still gets TOO hot. Many peoples laptop crashes because of the heat.


10. Awful battery life. Under 2 hours of not doing anything. Probably under 1 hour of serious work or gaming. 


11. The bezzel on this thing turns your 15 inch laptop into a 17 inch laptop with a 15 inch screen. Seriously not cool makes the whole thing not very portable. 


12. Half height pci-e and half height m.2 connectors make adding upgrades a pain even after whitelist removal. Good luck finding half height m.2 cards in 500GB or 1TB and not paying an arm and a leg. No reason they couldn't have given us the full slots. I solved this by carving out some plastic to fit the full length wifi card, and putting my samsung SSD under a CPU heat pipe to make it fit. Yes I have full height wifi and m.2 in there now. I shouldn't have to hack this thing to get industry standard equipment to work.


13. The fact that there are SO many models of y510p. There is i5, i7, 1080p, 4k, 750m, 755m, 750m sli, 755m sli, 4GB ram, 8GB ram, and 16GB ram versions of this laptop all mixed togeather. Every time you search y510p you never know what model people are talking about or what hardware they have. Many people get scammed on ebay not knowing the difference. There is no reason all these different models should have the same model number. 


Due to these reasons I highly doubt I will ever buy another lenovo laptop again. Not all the problems are directly lenovos fault but I feel they do not respond to the communities complaints or genuinely care about the users. 



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Re: Lenovo has been the biggest disappointment

I always look for detailed reviews on computers before purchasing. Their support is clearly lacking on other lines as well. They're extremely reluctant to repair/replace parts under warranty if they have an excuse to claim its not covered.

Drivers also have been poor on the Y700 from what I have read for a long time. Hence when my son wanted a new performance notebook in 17" class we went with MSI which has far better cooling by a landslide.
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Re: Lenovo has been the biggest disappointment

Sir, you're completely right. I have a Y510P 1TB + 24GB SSD M.2, i7-4700MQ, GT 755M, x1 slot 8GB RAM module, Intel Wireless-N 7260, Full HD screen. Bought it 3 years ago.


Yes, this website or forum is very unpleasant. It lags a lot, sometimes I can't log in for whatever reason, moderators do not reply to your private messages (with private information, I mean, I don't ask them things I could ask to the forum), and it's quite chaotic to navigate here.


1. The exact same issue: I've used sandpaper to polish the edges of the whole upper case. They were so sharp when I first bought it that I felt they were cutting through my skin. Nevertheless I never suffered a cut, but it was not acceptable at all and after 3 days using it I had to polish them. Problem fixed, but just like you, I never thought I would need to do something like that to a notebook.


2. The WiFi... oh my God, the worst WiFi performance I've ever EVER seen in a notebook. The range is the lowest poorest I've ever seen, I literally lose the connection if I'm 7 meters or so away from the hotspot, or if there's a wall between the hotspot and the notebook. This has happened since the very first day, and I really think my notebook's antenna is faulty. Even my smartphone works a lot better. I had to buy a USB WiFi card after using this notebook for 1 month, couldn't take anymore dropped connections or limited connections. Sometimes I've had to use the internal WiFi card and it's been always a really bad experience. A really miserable experience. About upgrading it, I really didn't care, I've never thought about upgrading the WiFi card of a notebook.


3 & 4. I don't have the ultrabay GPU, neither I've wanted it, since it would need a different power suply unit if I'm not wrong. I was/am happy enough with the performance of my single GT 755M.


5. I don't know what you mean by trackpad peels off. My track pad has no stickers or protectors glued. Nevertheless, wow, the buttons and the mechanism is a joke, also one of the worst trackpad buttons I've ever used in my entire life, really. They sink deeper than a submarine, they are very unusable. Luckyly, I found an Elan trackpad driver which had really cool gestures and I converted the trackpad from mediocre to usable. I've managed to do left and right click, mouse wheel click, scrolling and back/forward using very simple and easy to do gestures, so I barely use the buttons (I actually think I don't use them at all) when I'm using the trackpad. If it wasn't for this driver I found, I'd rather kill myself instead of using the trackpad "the regular way".


6, 7 & 8. Since I've never owned the ultrabay GPU, I've not experienced those issues ever. Also, as you already know, microstuttering is not Lenovo's fault, it is something that comes with the nVIDIA's SLI technology, you need to make up your mind and asume that you will experience this. This is one reason why I don't like SLI, specially on notebooks, because it comes with microstuttering and a nice epic huge power suply unit, DVD sized. Not cool, speacially for a "portable" device such a laptop.


9. Yeah, this notebook gets really hot under load, it is not very pleasant to use when you're gaming and the fan area (TAB, shift... area) almost burns. I don't want to imagine if you're using a second ultrabay GPU. Lenovo could have done a better work, but also you need to know that the i7 and the GT 755M are very powerful components that consume a lot under load, so they get really hot, providing so much performance. I usually get between 80-88ºC  when gaming, in both GPU and CPU. The CPU, under full 100% load 8 cores at 3.2GHz, like exporting videos, hits the 90ºC and even further, and it throttles. You can actually use XTU to underclock it to 2.9GHz so it doesn't throttle and still you get a powerful performance.

Actually it's not that bad that the external area gets really hot, that means that the heatsinks are working really nice. I own a msi that externally it doesn't get hot at all, but internally it hits the 98ºC and constantly throttles down the CPU, it's a joke. I've re-pasted the CPU and still I suffer the same experience. So, the Y510p is bad at disipating heat, pretty much like all the notebooks out there with such powerful hardware, but it's not horrible.


10. I have mixed feelings about the battery. One thing I love is that you can set the option to charge it up to 60% and then the notebook won't charge it anymore, that's an amazing feature because after using the Y510p for 3 years, I can say that I have a brand new battery. Nonetheless, this feature is kind of bugged. When you use for the first time the battery, it goes from 60% to 40% at a normal speed (it lasts what it's supposed to last), but then it goes from 40% to 18% and then after 2-3 min it goes to 6% and warns you that the battery is low. However, once you recharge it againfrom 0-6% to 100%, it lasts what it should, and in my case that's almost 7h of YouTube videos, I've timed that myself. Of course, I've set some smart options when it's not connected to AC, like setting up the CPU to 99% performance so it doesn't Turbo Boost, screen 40% brightness, etc...


11. Yeah, yeah and YEAH. The dimenstions of this 15.6" notebook are a joke. The bezzel is inmense (it kills the beautiful aesthetics of this notebook), and since I first unboxed it, I wished it had a 17" display, becase the dimensions of the notebook are compatible. This was a dissapointment, lenovo should have put a 17" if it was going to use these dimensions for this notebook.


12. Yeah, many, many people complained about the M.2 slot size, since it only supports small sized M.2 SSD's. Huge lenovo fail here, the person or team that designed this is very incompetent.


13. Aaaaand yeah, I've seen hundred's of users all around the world complaining about the specs, they weren't the specs they expected. Maaaany bought this notebook without the 24GB SSD cache because they wanted to buy a 256GB SSD and put it later on. Surprise, in many cases, if you didn't bought the model with the cache SSD, there was not a M.2 interface soldered on the motherboard. This was a very heated hot topic like 2-3 years ago, very problematic.


And you forgot:


14. The ExpressCache software that managed my SSD broke like 1 year ago, it was the cause of a suddenly slowed notebook, with a lot of freezes and restarts randomly. It took me almost 1 week of reformating, refreshing and reinstalling Windows 8.1 to notice it was the SSD and its software. I had to take it out and I've never used it again, until 2 weeks ago. I bought a M.2 to USB 3.0 adapter to use the SSD as external storage, and guess what, I'm not able to make it work, the SSD seems to be corrupted, I've tried everything, formatting it, deleting volumes, partitions, everything, and nothing the SSD seems to be completely broken. It worked fine the first 2 years, but all of a sudden, one day, it all messed up.


Luckyly, I bought 2 months ago a Samsung EVO 850 SSD and replaced the 1TB HDD, also upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, and now this notebook flies, it's a beast, it runs flawlessly, I love it. Yeah, the GPU is old and it can handle only 2-3 years old games at decent graphics and Full HD, but I don't care, the i7-4700MQ is still a beast and with an SSD leading this notebook, wow, it is amazing to use it.


15. The LED indicators are VERY BAD designed, they are all dots, you don't know what they mean unless you really take a good look at the impressed icons in the case. At least they should have put colored LED's. However, when I bought the SSD, I disassembled the notebook completely, repasted it, and put some colored plastics in the led and now I have custom colors. I'm overall happy with this laptop because I know how to mod it, clean it and customize it the way I want, but for the regular user I don't recomend it.


16. It should TOTALLY have another USB 3.0 port, right next to the USB 2.0 always-on port. Only 3 USB ports are not enough for many situations that have happened over these 3 years. Also, the USB 3.0 ports are way too close, many times I've connected a device to one USB 3.0 and I'm already covering the other USB 3.0 port because the USB cable is wider than a regular USB cable.


I'm not so mad at Lenovo to say that my next notebook won't be from Lenovo, but I will take a closer look at the next Lenovo notebook candidate. Nonetheless, specially after replacing the HDD by an SSD, I expect to use the Y510p for some years, may be 3 or 4 years more, because right now an SSD + i7-4700MQ (single core overclocked to 3.6GHz) is a very powerful machine that can handle pretty much everything: Photoshop, Premiere Pro...


Finally, I'd like to mention the things I've loved during these 3 years: incredibly amazing Full HD display, incredibly amazing JBL speakers (specially when using Dolby's Home Theater v4, which required a special audio driver), really cool and ergonomic red backlit keyboard, the NOVO button to access the BIOS (no more press F10 or F1 or F2 or F12 to randomly success and enter the BIOS), the 2.0 USB always on, to power on or charge things when the laptop is off, an overall cool design, the posibility to use XTU so you can overclock a single core to 3.6GHz and underclock the 4 cores to 2.9GHz to stop throttling, the Lenovo Energy Management and Lenovo Setting Windows 10 app that alows you to charge the battery up to 60% and then don't charge it anymore, really good sound when using headphones (again Dolby Home Theater v4 imrpoves the experience a lot).

Lenovo Y510P: Windows 10 x64, i7-4700MQ, nVIDIA GT755M, 15.6" Full HD, 500GB SSD, 8GB RAM
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