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Lenovo not providing Support for Y50. How do I complaint this to higher authorities?


I brought Lenovo Y50 last feb with accidentl protection plan for a year. Then I had a problem with my laptop and I contacted them and I am busy person they wasted more then 2 hours with remote login and still problem persisted, then they said they will send In-Home person and that In-Home person came after almost 2 months at point when I even forgot I called them. Then he changed parts more problem arised, contacted them again now during my busy day they contacted me and asked me to do remote login but I can't as I needed my laptop for use at that point then they marked It as a solved problem even though it wasn't. I thought of extending warranty as problem was not solved and I was expecting that there might be more problem but they don't provide my extended warranty as I had issues, though they did not solve it. Now my laptop is acting weird, I see different error, game crash, ram currupted, and when I tried to contact them on their business hours which they specifically says that they are available for call on sarturday from morning 10:00 to evening 5:00 EST I contacted them but it says they are not available currently. I tried chat support though the don't have techinal chat but guess what they have 24/7 chat support for SALES. I tried someway found that I can chat with them atleast give it a try. I was 17th in a queue, it told me ETA was aroung 20 mins so it means that they still have agents taking request. when I was 1st in queue ETA started acting different it went to 20mins from 6 and then i waited more than an hour and finally they said to me that there are no agents available and said to me try to contact email support but guess what, LENOVO doesn't have email support in UNITED STATES. So today morning which is monday morning, I gave call to customer support and they when I said my problem to them, that lady just said to me that this is after sale department and not technical department. let me forward you to technical department, I knew she was going to hang up and did not want to solve my problem. she told me incase phone gets disconnected what will be best number to call. which rang a bell that they are going to hung up, just pretending that they care. After 30-40 mins or so they hung up and still no one contacted me. This is how they treat there customers who even paid for warranty, doen't get any solution. are they going to solve a problem or not. so here I am complaining about them in this forum incase they even try to solve problem for customers.

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Re: Lenovo not providing Support for Y50. How do I complaint this to higher authorities?

Hello sabhayasaumil, welcome to the community,


The correct number for Idea support in the USA is as follows;


1-877-4-Lenovo, 1-877-453-6686
Schedule a Callback for faster support
You will also receive other options if you visit the support site Contact Us page and enter your model type and serial number such as; call back and chat for example.


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