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Lenovo official support email address, no such thing?

I would like to get official support for the in warranty Lenovo X61t laptop purchased with warranty extension (North America, China, whatever). The phone options is out of question.

1. Please tell me if it's in fact possible to drop a line to Lenovo support and get it answered by email/form or other text/instant message?


2. Please tell me if this forum site is just an additional option for acquiring support or the main support channel (trickier questions never get answers here you know)..



I also wanted to remind everyone that the current year is 2009!


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Re: Lenovo official support email address, no such thing?

alantamm wrote:

2. Please tell me if this forum site is just an additional option for acquiring support or the main support channel (trickier questions never get answers here you know)..


While there are a few Lenovo employees roaming around in here helping out on a volunteer basis, no, this is not an official support channel. Instead, this is designed to be a user-to-user support and discussion forum. You may or may not get an answer directly from one of the Lenovo employees as there are way more of us than them and all of them, even Mark, have full-time jobs doing other things.


The forum purpose is outlined in the first paragraph of the Community Rules of Participation.


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Re: Lenovo official support email address, no such thing?

Go to the Lenovo support site, choose Contact Support (the last link). You can then select the first link; "Submit a technical question on line or open a service request".



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Re: Lenovo official support email address, no such thing?

andyP wrote:
Go to the Lenovo support site,choose Contact Support (the last link). You can then select the firstlink; "Submit a technical question on line or open a service request".
And (then what)?
Submit a technical question online or open a service request 
following the link gets me to the page with this info: 

The Electronic Service Call tool (ESC+) is an online facility for submission of hardware maintenance and warranty requests. This new tool allows for the online management of all maintenance and warranty service requests.

You will receive a follow-up phone call from IBM to provide you with the assistance you need soon after submitting your request online.

The link below is only for hardware maintenance and warranty service request.

If your question involves:

  • Drivers and downloads for your Lenovo product, please click here.
  • Feedback or reporting a problem with this web site, please clickhere.
Hmm, so I need to register, provide some insane amount of private data + to get to a 150 char max comment box? Nice, very professional Smiley Tongue
Place a request: United States/CanadaComplete this form to place a hardware service request.        The fields indicated with an asterisk (*) are required to complete this transaction; other fields are optional. If you do not want to provide us with the required information, please use the Back button on your browser or close the window or browser session that is displaying this page, to return to the previous page.
 Comments/problem description: United States/Canada

- Enter the comments to provide a brief description of the problem. There is a maximum length of 150 characters.

It appears to me that if a client really wants to communicate through electronic channel, IBM/Lenovo (
lets me do my part and then calls me back anyway? Real smart/smooth Smiley Happy
Oh well, let's see..
Thanks for your input, I appreciate it!


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Re: Lenovo official support email address, no such thing?

designmatters, you hit the nail on the head. there is no way to simply submit feedback to lenovo. they make you go through a cumbersome registration process to submit feedback? what kind of company is this? even IBM lets you submit feedback through their site without having an account.


i submit this here because there is no other place to submit it. and the ibm support (who i had to call to get support on my lenovo laptop because a different vendor of lenovo broke my computer) is rude. they are the kind of people who hang up on you when you ask them for their name.


i purchased onsite support when i purchased my x201. well, it stopped working and needed support (wouldn't power on). they sent a tech onsite who, after replacing my processor, and breaking the base of my computer in the process, realized that the two power chords i had purchased a few months ago both stopped working at the same time.


when calling ibm to figure out how to get my computer fixed, i spent hours on the phone, and still have no idea how to get my computer fixed. finally a supervisor called me, had me call him back at his extension, and when i did so, i was told they could not transfer me. even though i knew his extension, and had a case number, that was not enough. i needed to provide that person's name, but that person mumbled so much I didn't recall it.


so - where can i submit feedback to you without having to communicate with you through twitter or on this blog? 


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Re: Lenovo official support email address, no such thing?

I know i am a bit late to this post but i too had some problems with my lenovo laptop and their customer service is inexistent.


Through my research i found out a couple of email addresses. I don't know whether they actualy work but its worth a shot.


Here is the link:



Blue Screen Again
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Re: Lenovo official support email address, no such thing?

The links below no longer provide email addresses.  Is there a way to contact Lenovo with a question?


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Re: Lenovo official support email address, no such thing?

Levine,  at the present time there are no e-mail addresses that I am aware of.  Everything is by phone now a days.  Have you tried calling them ?  You can find the toll free  phone number for Lenovo Supportby using the link below....

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Re: Lenovo official support email address, no such thing?

I submitted a warranty repair here:

 Admin note; link to site requiring direct login removed


We'll see what kind of results I get.





My link which got censored because it requires a login came from a previoiusly mentioned link:

Problem is, what if IBM severs that link one day. After all, they really aren't associated with Lenovo formally and this courtesy link may go bye-bye.
There is not link that des NOT require making an account, so maybe the link I posted can be allowed given that Lenovo makes it **bleep** hard to submit waranty repairs without interacting with our fellow homo spaiens?
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Re: Lenovo official support email address, no such thing?

I purchased a Lenovo C260 Touch Screen on Sept 12, received Sept 17.


For whatever reason after completing the setup, registering and updating, the C260 would not allow me to activate the pre-installed copy of windows, reverting to the Build 9600 watermarked version.


It is now Sept 28th. I have been recycled over and over through tech support. I have updated for days, rebooted clean and had them Remote Admin to run 3rd part PID software on 3 separate occassions to try and get the system to activate, all to no avail. I have wasted over a week now having them run through all of the same troubleshooting, telling me after each call that someone would followup and no one has.


To put this in context I am a Microsoft Certified System Admin and MS Technology Specialist - DBA (SQL Server 2005). So this is not an end user faux pas.


Today I called at 11am PST to learn that they will be issuing me a new activation key. I asked when I could expect the key and through what medium and the operator told me over and over, "Sorry for the inconvenience, we will follow up with you and thanks for calling, and next time you can use our chat feature (which you really cant because its not offered as an option after you go through the process over and over)".


4 Hours later I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor to get some type of definitive answer, since I have a useless workstation and am running out of time to set it up or return it. Foremost I am just put on hold, no supervisor, and then told I have to wait 90-94 hours before my code will be issued and again that someone would call me.


Is this all a mad joke? How did they arrive at 90-94 hours and why won't they answer any direct questions? Am I supposed to set my phone to alert me 90 hours from now? And expect a followup call that hitherto has never happened?


When you try to reach support from the registration page, you get a 404 page. When you try to use the "Email Us" link it loops you back to phone support. When you try and use the chat feature that every operator reminds you of, its not offered as an option and any direct subdirectory leads to more 404 pages.


It looks like Lenovo has mastered misdirection and a shell game of broken links and unending links to no where.


The C260 appears like a great computer. High marks to Lenovo for a solid deisgn and what looks like a very capable AIO in as much as I have interacted with it so far. However, woe to anyone who has any warranty issues. We had planned to test this one and buy 2 more for our new office along with the Lenovo Tablet Pro, but clearly we can't risk another "experience" that prolongs deployment.


I had hoped to email Lenovo my experience as constructive feedback, which apparently is shared by more than a few others. Apparently no one at Lenovo is interested, so I came here.


With so many options you would think Customer Service and Brand support would be a central theme, both of which have been sorely lacking in my first and more than likely last experience with Lenovo.



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