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Lenovo provides an absolutely horrid experience from start to finish

When I ordered my refurbished Lenovo K320 tower, I received the wrong model. Not only was it the incorrect model, it came barren. There was no power cable, keyboard, or mouse (the later two I understand because it's refurbished, BUT THE WRONG MODEL?). I contacted Lenovo's customer service and they worked out a "solution" to ship me the "missing parts". After my phone call, I kept in contact over e-mail.

"This order apparently has been lost in transit between Lenovo’s fulfillment center and your delivery location. " (1/31/12)

I was notified that the senior manager would contact me within 3-5 business days. I never received this call.

From talking to the customer service agent, Muhammed Haroon, he told me that I need to ship my defective product back to lenovo. He could not send me replacement parts, he could not replace my defective model, and in the end he only offered me a refund. This is an awful way of doing business and benefits no one.

When I asked him, "How will Lenovo take care of shipping?" he told me and I quote,

"My senior representative will get back to you with an update in 3-5 business days.Please do not worry about the issue, we won't disappoint you.
We will take care of shipping and handling charges." (2/6/12)

However, disappointment became the least of my problems.. Because I was pressed for time, I shipped the product back the day I notified the customer service rep that I was okay with the refund.

Before I continue, here are some points I like to make

  • No matter what, a refund or replacement, this model would have had to be shipped back anyway. What was I going to do with a heap of metal?
  • The customer representative never specified HOW lenovo would "handle" the shipping
  • This is the first time I've had to return something via shipping

I had to pay $81 for the return shipping. Eighty-one.

An hour after coming home, I received an e-mail from Lenovo giving me a shipping lable... What?

I discovered that because Lenovo had sent me a shipping lable, it is recorded into their records that they have covered my shipping fee. Too little too late.

I called customer service again. Chris, the rep, told me there was nothing he could do because the records show that the shipping label was sent..

I must reitterate..



Will I ever see a cent of that $81?


Did Chris put ANY effort into making my experience with Lenovo less painful?


What have I gained from my experience with lenovo?

-$81.53, and over a week of my time WASTED. Not to mention the additional week+2 days it will take for me to receive my refund.




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Re: Lenovo provides an absolutely horrid experience from start to finish

You should have waited instead of just shipping the system back. That is your fault an not theirs, especially since they said they would get back to you about taking care of the return shipping. Next time have a little patience instead of rushing to ship it back at your own expense.

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Lenovo Staff
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Re: Lenovo provides an absolutely horrid experience from start to finish

Hi Vluu,

I'm really sympathetic to your situation. In fact, i would wait for the call about shipping handling if i were you.


Anyhow, let me check if customer relation teams can help,however, I would like to state that I can't promise that you would be refunded . I will need your details for this escalation.

  • Full Name
  • Phone Contact
  • Email
  • Machine Type Model
  • Serial Number
  • Date of Purchase
  • Any case number

Thank you.



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