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Lenovo refuses to repair hinge under warranty

It all happens in Poland, but I am curious as to how customers are treated by Lenovo in other countries. 


The story in short:


An E31-70 laptop bought 5 July 2017, end of June - does not open due to broken hinge. the shop/service where I have bought the laptop contacts the customer support only to get back reply that I must have act with undue force thus the problem. But there are no traces of "undue force" treatment to the exterior, so upon pointing that out the support changes the tune and says that it is a "secondary failure" not under the warrranty because I should have reported immediately after the first signs that something is wrong. Since the first sign was that day, this is BS, again I point it out but unfortunately in their third communication Lenovo ultimately refuses to repair under warranty.


Since I had to open the laptop pretty soon having data on hard disk which I had to access (work deadline), I decided to have my service conduct the repairs and contacted the customer rights advisor. According to her instructions I sent a request for reimbursement after having received the invoice. Lenovo refused again. So I am forced to enter judicial proceedings. I have heard that Lenovo does not try to escape responsibility for shoddy products in such blatant way in other countries. 

If anyone from the Lenovo is reading this sad story, I would be interested to hear their opinion...

Zofia Grudzińska

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