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Lenovo refuses to repair under warranty

I wanted to share my recent experience with Lenovo depot warranty service that I found shocking. I am posting with hope that others might find this useful.


I have a X61 Tablet with an extended warranty. In November, one day I found that the screen won't stand at a fixed angle like it should. After looking under the plastic hinge cover, I saw that the metal hinge (or whatever that part is called) simply cracked from use (laptop is close to 3 years old). Luckily, I remembered buying an extended warranty, I looked it up, and there were 3 weeks left on it.


So I filed a request with Lenovo warranty, and as before in situations like this, they shipped a box, I sent bax the machine in the box. A guy calls next week, says as a matter-of-fact they need my credit card number so that they can charge more than $400 to repair the machine. Just like that. I tell him machine is under warranty. He tells me that a technician determined that damage is not covered by Lenovo warranty. I tell him that the hinge in a tablet is "wear and tear" and should be covered. He says that after the technician opened the machine, the machine was found to have "widespread damage all over the screen blah-blah-blah and he cites a long list of plastic parts related to the LCD bezel that are damaged" and that is beyond the warranty.


I was puzzled, told him there was no widespread damage, asked for details. After a long conversation, he promises to email pictures. Next week, I got four pictures from him: three of the cracked hinge (yes, thanks!) and one more showing that a corner of LCD frame is chipped off and there are two tiny hairline cracks right at the corner.  Again, he calls and says "widespread damage, blah-blah-blah". I tell him the corner chipped off long time ago, where is widespread damage. He agrees that the pictures don't show widespread damage, but says it is all damaged, and says they will take even more pictures and email them to me if I don't believe them. Ok, please do. Then he suddently changes the tune, says pictures take too long, and how about he sends this to a supervisor and he is sure that I am right and they can do something about the hinge only. I say sure.


Two days later, a rude lady calls from a blocked phone number. She asks if I asked to escalate the issue, I reply yes if you call it that, she says repair for the hinge is not covered because there is a chipped off corner elsewhere on the LCD cover. I ask why, she says Lenovo policy and do I have any more questions and that I can pay up or have the machine back unrepaired. I asked for the machine back.


I think it is ridiculous that an obviously worn out part won't be repared because there is cosmetic damage somewhere else on the LCD cover. From the way they talked (widespread damage, damage all over, without providing evidence), it appears that they are working a script to deny any warranty repairs that they can possibly can think of. This is in such contrast to my previous experience with warranty repairs for IBM and later Lenovo (5 laptops over 8 years)  that I found it shocking. Perhaps I should not, given the fact that business model of Lenovo has changed.

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Re: Lenovo refuses to repair under warranty



Sorry to hear that things didn't go smoothly with your repair thus far.   I'd like to help.

Can you send me a private message with your contact information - name, address, phone, the system model type and serial number, and if you have your service case # that would be super helpful!


You can apeal / dispute the decision through the depot - ask that it be escalated. 


I'll look for your PM with the info.  Thanks for sharing!





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Re: Lenovo refuses to repair under warranty

I wanted to update this story: I received an offer to look into this issue by Mark_lenovo. I responded to him with details on December 10, and never heard back (no response to PM's either). My guess is that this is the end of it.

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Re: Lenovo refuses to repair under warranty

Mark's in-box usually runs in the 3 figures, so it takes him a while to get through it and get something going. That is quite a while, though, so your PM may have gotten buried. I know he's out until Monday for Christmas, so come back then and send him a reminder.


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Re: Lenovo refuses to repair under warranty



You both are right - GWF12 did send me the info and I've got it now (lost it in my inbox) and will follow up.


I've responded via PM today as well with a follow up question and we will get this sorted out early next week.


My apologies for letting this fall through the crack since the 9th.


Happy Holidays,



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Re: Lenovo refuses to repair under warranty [resolved]

A follow up to my original post. Mark_lenovo helped me get this issue (refusal to repair what I felt was a usage-related hinge damage) back for a second review. A Lenovo customer service representative called me and arranged for the machine to be shipped back to Lenovo, and then a different technician looked at it and agreed to repair the hinge only. The machine was fixed and turned around on the same day by the depot. I should say that resolutoin was prompt and efficient, so a happy ending here. Obviously, Lenovo does have a working feedback mechanism on this forum and I strongly suggest to anybody having difficulties that they use it.


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Re: Lenovo refuses to repair under warranty

I have a similar issue, my T500 has had loose hinges for almost 6 months, and I also have been told its not covered by warranty. That's ok, I can handle that - but to be told that it will cost almost $100 to ship it back to me is beyond belief!


The repair centre is within a 10km radius of where it was picked up from, so any freight charge could and should be waived. It was picked up FOC for other warranty work.


Im still waiting on a rep from Lenovo to reply to my voice mails and emails regarding this.

By the way, it is now out of warranty, but wasn't when it was shipped in. Its over two years old and gets a lot of use.



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Betreff: Lenovo refuses to repair under warranty


Similar thing happened to me: my LENOVO tablet was charging poorly since the start but since I didnt use it much the 1st month I only report the matter about 1 month after. I was sent a bill of more than 500 euros to pay.
I refused. They sent me the tablet back. I escalated the issue to customer support in UK. Same day I receive the tablet, I receive a phone call that it falls within warranty. I had to have the tablet picked up again.
So my tablet has been in Eastern Europe and back, and then again was sent to the repair centre.
Well, I own now a tablet for about 3 months, but has been longer in the repair centre than with me...
I AM SO DISAPPOINTED ... so let us support each other and share eachother stories!
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