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Lenovo return policy (restocking fee) question



I'm having a very hard time deciding on whether to get x120e or x220. I think the E-350 processor might be just a tad underpowered but I'm not positive yet. So I'm wondering if Lenovo will allow me to purchase the x120e, and if I don't like it, allow me to return it for no restocking/shipping fee IF I agree to buy a x220 on the same time as processing the return request?


Has anyone had experience with something like this or have any info on how lax they are when it comes to restocking fees?

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Re: Lenovo return policy (restocking fee) question

Lenovo won't let you return it without restocking fee (15% of the purchase price).

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Re: Lenovo return policy (restocking fee) question

typically this is handled on a case-by-case basis.   while it's preferred that customers order CTO systems, keep them, and enjoy them, humans by nature do tend to change their minds -- especially when it comes to technology.


if you are courteous with the sales rep, you can convince them of a trade with no restocking fee assuming the box is unopened and you are upgrading to a more expensive system.


in fact, judging by your post here on NBR, it sounds like the sales department is offering to take care of your exchange without issue.


personally, i would go for the X220.   i think you'll be much happier in the end.   the X120e is an excellent system for what it is (a high-quality ThinkPad netbook) but the X220 is truly the ultimate business ultraportable notebook.

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Re: Lenovo return policy (restocking fee) question

Lenovo will go to the ends of the earth making sure that restocking fees aren't reimbursed, even with a valid reason.


I had ordered one of their multimedia keyboards but was not able to be home for the UPS's deliveries.  As such, had to go to a UPS center to pick up my item, only to find that they had returned it back to Lenovo after ONLY 3 days.  I was only issued a partial refund, and they were unwilling to refund the restocking fee.  After some persuading, they agreed to give me a full refund. Almost 2 months had past, with their customer service reps assuring me that my refund was on its way.  This led to my latest call, where even the supervisor blatantly lied and told me that one had been issued.  There was no record from my bank statements issuing a refund.  I ultimately had to make a claim through paypal and hopefully I will get my refund.


Its utterly ridiculous how Lenovo treats their customers over a measly 5 bucks.  They have lost a customer for life.

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Re: Lenovo return policy (restocking fee) question

BADlenovo - welcome to the forum!


sorry to hear that you were unable to sign for your shipment.   UPS will attempt to deliver three times before the package is returned to the closest depot.   each time they are supposed to leave a notice on your door informing you that an attempt was made.   after another three days the package is considered abandoned and gets returned to the shipper.   these are UPS' policies, not lenovo's.


it's an unfortunate situation and it sounds like customer service is going out of their way on your refund.   the terms and conditions state that packages returned either to non-delivery or refusal are subject to the full 15%.   after all, lenovo can't help that you weren't home or able to get to UPS in time.



the shopping help link on outlines this policy.   this would be a good reference for future orders.

Shipping & Delivery


Do I have to be present at time of delivery to receive my package?

  • Yes, Lenovo uses UPS as its standard carrier for all deliveries. UPS policy requires a signature for delivery to be made.

Should I refuse to take delivery of my order if I intend to return it?

  • It is important that you accept delivery of your Lenovo order as not doing so will tag the package as undeliverable, resulting in a 15% restocking fee assessed to the customer's account.

Returns & Refunds


When will I be credited for merchandise I have returned??

  • Lenovo performs a quality analysis of all returned merchandise. Once complete, a credit is issued which will be reflected in your account within 7-10 business days.


with that said, have you received any of your refund or are you only missing the 15%?   what was your order date, shipping date, dates you missed the deliveries/pickup, and date the package was back in lenovo's hands?

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Re: Lenovo return policy (restocking fee) question



Transactions back through paypal can be problematic at times, and so if a rep told you that it had been processed - they probably told you the truth based on what is shown in the sales system.  There are, however, several other links in the chain between that and your paypal account which they don't have visibility to or control over.


How much are you missing at this point?  


Can you send me a PM with your order number and the details on the amount you believe you are still owed and we can follow up with sales and our credit team to try to get this resolved.   


I appreciate that whether it is a large or small amount, that the principle applies and that we should be easy to do business with.  Thanks for your patience, and for speaking up!


Best regards,




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Re: Lenovo return policy (restocking fee) question

To be clear, I signed the receipt ALL three times, once was unseen, possibly because it flew away.   The driver ignored my signed forms and refused to leave my package even after I released reliabilty.   A 3 day holding policy at UPS is unheard of!  I was even told by the UPS rep that LENOVO holds that policy.  


To be known, Lenovo's customer service department is outsourced to India.  I seemed to be speaking with only 2 men everytime that I had called during those two months (One of which I could not even understand).  Their first explanation was that a refund was pending and that I should be receiving shortly.  My last call led to their story completely changing and saying that one had been issued:  No bank OR paypal records to confirm.  Even the superisor assured me that my restocking fee had been refunded and directed me to paypal.


P.S. Thank you for your generic responses.

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Re: Lenovo return policy (restocking fee) question

erik, your are an example of how bad Lenovo's customer service is.  It's really my fault??? REALLY???  at the least your supervisor seems to know how to help out.

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