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Paper Tape
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Lousy service

Last Tuesday, 6th March 2012 at around 5pm, I sent my laptop for repair for Lenovo in Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. There were no serious problems with my laptop, just that the keyboard was not functioning well.

The staff told me that I might have to pay for the faulty keyboard as it might not covered under warranty. I was confused with why I had to pay for it so I asked the staff a few questions.

He was explaining it to me and got interrupted by a female staff. Judging by her accent, I believe that she is not local. She must have mistaken me for another race because she started speaking in Chinese to the staff serving me.

She told him “you don’t have to waste your time explaining the details to her, just tell her that we will repair it and if the warranty doesn’t cover the cost, we will tell her to pay”.

I was upset, as I believe as a customer, I can ask a few questions regarding my laptop since I’m entrusting it to your company. I didn’t tell her that I understood what she was saying as I didn’t want to make a scene.

The staff then continued to explain to me what was wrong with my laptop when the female staff interrupted him again. She was complaining about other customers, calling them “idiots” and “a waste of her time” in Chinese to him.

This is not something she should be talking about with other customers in the shop. Her actions were unprofessional and rude.

I was told that they will take 3 to 5 working days to repair my laptop. However, after more than a week later, I did not receive any calls from Lenovo. Earlier today, I called in to check if my laptop was ready and I was told that they did not even start on the repair. The reason given to me was “the manager was in a meeting”. My laptop was in the shop for 10 full days and the manager didn’t have the time to give it a check?

I am very disappointed in the efficiency and service of your staffs. Really hope that you will do something about it. 

Punch Card
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Re: Lousy service

Well I also hope Lenovo steps up to the plate and does something about this. Like firing the staff in that store.

And jessica, if it was me in that store overhearing the stuff that you heard, I would have most definitely made a scene. They took advantage of your politeness.
Former Employee
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Re: Lousy service

Hi jessicaR,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience with one of our service provider in Singapore.

I can understand your disappointment and appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback.


I would like to see if I can assist on the matter and expedite your repair.

I've sent you a private message requesting for some additional information.


Please let me know.




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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lousy service

Hi JessicaR, 


I feel your pain as well. I'm quite upset that I was excited enough to get two Lenovo products just to get ticked off by their repair/customer service. I had two very bad experiences. My first one was about three to four years ago with my Y460. I had a motherboard problem, very clear cut. So I sent over to Megalink. I reflected the issue to the customer service but they told me off because they do not cover software issues (which was clearly not the issue); warranty only covers hardware. The customer service kept insisting that it wasn't a motherboard issue. I got fedup and asked for another opinion elsewhere. True enough, it was a motherboard issue. I gave up and sold off the unit immediately.


My next bad experience was just recently - I have been waiting for about 20 days now (over 2 weeks) for my netbook to be repaired. And even after they stated that they will call me back to update me on what the problem was, they didn't hold up to their word. I understand they can be extremely busy with their work, so I don't mind calling in to get the update myself. I keep getting the same caller who doesn't give much care about what he says; he slurrs and keeps putting me on hold (because he doesn't make any form of decisions on his end). He keeps referring to his manager but apparently, he contradicts himself because he keeps saying that his manager isn't around/busy/going back. I mean, you end your work at 6.30pm, so why is your manager already going home/gone home at 6pm?


Alright, let me try to illustrate my point/story here. I told the customer service very kindly (on the 14th June) that I need my system urgently because I am flying off on the 28th June morning. He states that the motherboard they ordered was wrong so that they had to make a new order. Alright, I appreciated the fact you were honest with me, so I said "thank you for your work", he stated that he will call me the following week. The fact is he didn't. I assumed they were busy, so I tried calling (on the 21st June) - same guy. He then told me that they have just actually ordered the correct motherboard some time ago and it is arriving. So I emphasized again that I would need the system soon and hoped that they could get it done early the following week. Then that guy says he will call me back on the Monday (24th June) and update me on the situation. I was like wow, that's good, thanks for everything (in a very kindly, appreciated fashion).


But to my surprise, they didn't call me on the 24th and I had to call them back, just to be notified that the motherboard is already in the warehouse, and will be sent over on this week's Friday afternoon. I told the guy (now I have gotten his name - De Pui King) that I am leaving on that very Friday. So I kindly asked whether was it possible for their end to get the motherboard from the warehouse and make the repairs as soon as possible? I reminded the guy that on the 14th June, I was told that they ordered the wrong motherboard, so as a mistake on their end, could they like make the sacrifice. Then the most daunting, frustrating thing came out from him - he stated that the motherboard ordered two weeks ago was actually the correct one, and he stated that they didn't make any mistake. So in my mind, I was thinking, "Why did it take so long to arrive? So what have you all been doing?" So are you saying I am a liar?" I pointed out to the customer service that they can't expect me to accept such an explanation after all this time I have placed my trust in their services. But this guy doesn't seem to care at all; he keeps stating that the motherboard will only come on Friday. So I finally requested to talk to someone else, but he was quick to say that the manager was not free. So was my concerns not important enough for the manager to take note of, especially that his team has failed to meet deadlines/ kind requests? Pui King told me he will call me back. True enough, he called about 6pm. He then told me that his manager was "about to go home" before he quickly corrected himself and stated that the manager "has gone home". So the manager has the luxury of going off early while leaving his subordinates aimlessly deal with concerned customers? What's more, Pui King still has the cheek to tell me that the manager will call me the next day morning when up till now he hasnt? All I can say is that the amount of cares the customer service gives to their customers is really below par. How can you lie and expect people to feel happy about your service/products?


If Lenovo HQ wants to know my details, my service report form (for the netbook) is 104043; I sent in my netbook on the 9th of June @ 1548hrs, called on the 14th June @ 1420hrs, 21st June @ 1041hrs, 24th June @ 1741hrs and 25th June @ 1036hrs. All I can say is that this netbook is my last product I am getting from Lenovo. I never gotten any compensation from the company or have ever expected any; the only thing I wanted was prompt, good repairing service so that we can all enjoy what we paid for. But after these two extremely bad service, I'm not getting any products from here anymore.


Lenovo Staff
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Re: Lousy service

HI mohdjsbms 


Sorry to hear about your issue - have dropped you a PM - could you check your inbox? Thanks


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