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Missing the WORST CASE DELIVERY DATE deadline ! Poor SALES support.

It makes me very very upset at the plight of your sales. I have purchased a laptop with the order number and customer reference on 3rd Sep, 2010.
I was given the estimated date of 10th Sep, 2010. I was also sent an email for some query, to which I had replied.
Then suddenly on 9th Sep, the estimated shipping date was changed to 16th Sep, 13 DAYS from the date of order!
I continuously called sales service BUT no one could give me the exact reason for delay. Again, to add to my misery, the estimated shipping date vanished and a msg was there " to contact Lenovo as there might be a problem with my order"
To day (15 th Sep, 2010)  when I contacted Lenovo, they told me that 16th Sep was the WORST case scenario for shipment. However, I noticed to night that my laptop has been shipped and the estimated date is 21st Sep, which is MISSING EVEN THE WORST CASE DATE.
I had told the customer care person to cancel my order if the due date (16th) was NOT being followed. It seems the same case. He assured me to look into the matter and compensate monetarily for my  problems.
I have been at a great  loss because of the Non  SERIOUS and Non professional approach of such reputed company.
I am an ASU Graduate student and I have my exam on 23rd of this Sep. We need personal laptops in exams. The delay has added to my problem and and want to know HOW Lenovo will make up to this?
Lenovo has already  missed TWICE the due days, I want a monetary compensation, or else,I request you to CANCEL the order because this is NOT my fault at all.
I request you to pay heed to my complaint, failing which, I will be bound to take other measures.
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Re: Missing the WORST CASE DELIVERY DATE deadline ! Poor SALES support.

Sorry to hear about that. I too waited about 14days for my laptop. But to let you know it's not all up to be Lenovo's fault. It all depends on the sale and high demand for the product you may have purchased. My uncle just purchased new line of 17 inch i3 4g of ram DELL laptop that just came out for $400, Original price was $800+. He waited 3 weeks for it. So it all depends on the demand for the PC. Have you emailed Lenovo or FEDex/UPS to see where it may be now?

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