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Paper Tape
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎07-24-2012
Location: Denver, CO
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Need Help if possible....2JDDA3 - RMA#: C0800-09119520-002



I am, currently, lost in a sea of frustration and angst towards Lenovo over the simplest of things....a refund. 


The computer in question is a laptop Y470p that I returned to Lenovo and they recieved on May 31st, 2012.  According to lenovo policy it takes 2-3 business days to verify receipt of the return and additional 10 business days to issue a refund.  I called customer service when I noticed that no refund was credited to my account around June 20th.  Only to find out that my order/refund was never processed due to lenovo completely changing/updating their internal order numbers.  So my order number was an "old" one and thus apparently forgotten.  So I have been working with a, Suresha M1, through my experience and here we are going on nearly two months and still no refund.  


Finally, about a week ago Suresha asked me to provide my CC info so they could process a refund...I provided this and about a week later was told that they could not process my card because it was invalid. I provided the CC info once again and asked them to run it again, I even offered to call in and provide the information live if it would help expedite things.  Mr. Suresha M1 told me today that he will request another attempt at a refund to the provided card...which I assume will, for some unknowable reason, take several business days.  The reason this is so frustrating also is that I use the card several times daily so I know there is no problem with it, rather the fault lies with the inneptitude of lenovo's customer service employees as far as I can tell. 


From my perspective, the customer that is, I find my entire experience with Lenovo so far to be absolutely ludicrous.  In fact I have actually purchased a U400 laptop about a year ago or more from lenovo's website and ended up having to return it and everything went great.  So, I was confident this experience would be great this time as well.  


At this point I do not know what to do or how to proceed.  I have requested from Suresha M1 contact information of their supervisor or someone above him in an effort to try to resolve my issue, but I doubt he will provide any.  So I am reaching out on this forum in an attempt to hopefully find some suggestions on how to navigate Lenovo's inept customer service.  


I kind of need to resolve my refund as soon as possible (at least now I do, I wasn't counting on it taking almost two months for a refund)  as I need these funds to purchase a laptop to use for a masters program I am in.  And God help me I am actually considering purchasing another Lenovo from your website, but first I need funds to do so. 


Anyway, I hope for some suggestions or help or hopefully something.