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Need laptop repair, just looking for a way to actually contact Lenovo

You'd think that the Contact Us part under the Support section would...I dunno, maybe give me a phone number or email or some form to fill out or some way to contact Lenovo. But I guess since my warrenty is expired, this is my best option (I refuse to pay just to get in contact with this company).


So, some months ago the inner hinge where the laptop screen connects to the keyboard/computer part of my laptop broke, causing the screen and hinge to start coming undone. I had to throw some electric tape over it to keep it together for now, but it's getting worse (picture below).


I need to get in contact with someone at Lenovo to see if this would be considered a manufacturer's error as it was internal and not broken from misue, or if not then I need a price qoute for repairs and a way to send this in.


Someone from Lenovo, please respond via email.


Thank you.



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Re: Need laptop repair, just looking for a way to actually contact Lenovo

Hello santinohs, welcome to the Community,


Rather than going directly to Lenovo it might actually be more convenient for you to contact an authorised service provider in your area.  If you enter your Zip code on the following linked to site and select to search for consumer product you should be presented with companies who are authorized partners which includes warranty service.




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