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Need refund

Hi All,

I had used my Lenevo Yoga 710-15ISK for 6 months. Have had horrible experiences with the product throughout.
It all started with the abrupt blue screens and crashes. Then I had difficulty powering up the laptop. Called up the technical support, had to wait long to get to talk to the representative. Then temporary solution- hold on power button for 10sec and release was provided. This worked a couple of times. Later this solution stopped working, I called up the technical support again, after a long wait again the following solution was provided- Insert a pin and factory reset the device, all the data was lost. The laptop worked fine for 1 week from then. And then stopped working again. Again called up technical supprt, was told they will be sending me a shipping box and label and I have to ship my laptop and had been promised the issue will be fixed. After 2 weeks of wait, I tried chatting with customer suppor representative and I was told the part "MB C 80U0 WIN I76500U DIS" had been replaced, she also assured me that a detailed technical report will be sent along with the repaired laptop.
When I received my laptop, the laptop wasn't booting up at all and same issue still persisted, and the technical report had no details of the repair. The only thing it mentioned was "Repair operation:need new mobo".
I call back the technical support and ask them to get the matter escalated. I receive a call from the Manager and all he has to say is "ship the laptop to North Carolina, we have technical experts here, only if they can't fix the issue is when we will give you a replacement, refund can't be initiated". I haven't heard back about my laptop yet.
I am a student and there is a lot of dependency on a laptop for my assignments and exams. I am amazed by how carelessly the Lenevo support is handling the case.
Previously when I had issues with my Google phone, this is the service I was provided- I was immediately sent a new phone and then my old phone was taken back. That is the level of service a customer expects. Not a long wait of 2 months just to get to know what exactly is the issue with the laptop.
The level of disappointment is so much that, even if I will be offered new replacement, I would not want to rely on Lenevo anymore. 
Kindly suggest some ways as to get a refund on my product.
Thank you!
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Re: Need refund

Hello amy333, welcome to the Community,


I was able to find your case and could see that your system has been sent to the lab for diagnosis and repair. In such circumstances I would expect you to receive the system back within the next week, an absolute top of 10 days. If that is not possible your case manager will contact you regarding other possible resolutions.




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