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New P52S overheating when connected to thunderbolt dock - Horrible customer service.

I'm going to admit off the bat that the only reason I've signed up for this forum is to bring light to lenovo's incredibly poor customer support.  I had a brand new P52s that would overheat whenever it was plugged into the Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 dock.  Timeline of the issue and order of events are shown below.  Note that I did the best I could at matching up the days with the events, but there were so many calls and so many people/departments that I spoke with that I can't even remember them all.  It is my hope that somebody at Lenovo actually cares about their customers and will get this case resolved.


Issue Timeline (dates/order of events not exact but are close– I am going by memory for the phone calls and trying to recall the best I can):

2/3/18 – Ordered via order number 4291186449

3/6/18 – Received laptop

3/20/18 Service ticket 405W34J – I believe that this was the original ticket for the overheating issue, but I’m not 100% sure.

4/3/18 Service ticket 405Z3GW 4/3/17 I believe this is one of the overheating complaints that I filed.  If it is the one I remember, the technician wanted me to update all my bios.

4/3/18 Service ticket 405Z3SM – Updating BIOS did not solve issue.  Technician immediately stated that this meant the system board was shot and needed replacement.  I asked for them to log in to the machine remotely to do further diagnostics, but they refused.  They sent me a box to send the laptop to the Lenovo repair depot.

4/10/18 – Laptop received at Lenovo repair depot

4/16/18 – called Lenovo Depot Billable Customer Care to ask for update on laptop. Was told that they’d spent the previous 6 days confirming that the system board was the issue (why did it take 6 days if the phone technician on 4/3/18 was 100% sure it was the system board?)  Was told that laptop was in engineering hold and that they would have the test engineer call me to discuss the issue.

4/17/18 – Never got a call from test engineer, so I called Lenovo Depot Billable Customer Care again.  Talked to a C.B. who told me that an engineer would never contact a customer.  He said “they don’t have phones”…?!?!?  Received followup email from C. stating that my system needs a new systemboard and there is a parts shortage.  keep in mind that we are discussing parts for a brand new current-production machine.  Does not have part ETA, but will followup tomorrow.

4/18/18 – I never heard back from C., so I called Lenovo Depot Customer Care again.  This operator also could not tell me when the parts would be available.  I started asking about getting a refund or a replacement machine, and the operator told me that I was not talking to the correct department.  I actually needed to call the Lenovo Depot Customer Care (not Billable customer care).  The phone options never explained the difference between the two departments, and nobody at the Billable department ever told me I shouldn’t be calling them.  They basically wasted 3 days of my time. 

4/19/18 I called the Lenovo Depot Customer Care department that they told me to the previous day and asked for a refund.  This operator told me that their department does not handle refunds and that I’d need to talk to Lenovo Customer Service.  I told the operator that I wanted to speak to a manager.  She tried to transfer me over, but did it incorrectly and sent me to a non-existent number and the call ended.  I called back to Lenovo Customer Service and explained the issue yet again.  This operator told me that Lenovo Customer service did not handle refunds and that I’d need to speak to Lenovo Sales.  They connected me over to Sales, but I got placed on a waitlist yet again.  I finally got through to a M.H. in Sales.  I explained the issue and demanded a refund.  She said that because the laptop was currently in possession of the Lenovo repair Depot, they were the ones that needed to process the return, and tried sending me back to the original department that I was talking to way back on 4/16/17. 


I told her that this was not going to happen, as the repair depot had already rejected my request by sending me on to other departments.  M. did some more research, and discovered that by this time, I was 17 calendar days outside of Lenovo’s normal 30 day return window.  I pointed out to her that by this time, the computer had been in Lenovo’s possession for at least 9 of those days, and that I had originally complained about the issue well inside the 30 day window.  She then agreed to process a return request, but stated that it would have to be reviewed by a “higher committee” because it was outside the 30 day window.  She stated that this process would take 24-48 hours.  She also stated that I would have to request to have my laptop returned to my home address unrepaired and then if the return was approved, she’d send me a return shipping label so I could send it back to sales. 


I pointed out that Lenovo already had the laptop in their possession, but she said that they could not simply ship the laptop straight from the repair depot to sales; it’d have to get shipped back to me first.  I then requested that she give me a specific contact person with a direct phone number at the repair depot so that I wouldn’t have to wait on a hold list for the umpteenth time.  She said that she couldn’t do that because there is apparently no internal Lenovo number that sales can call to directly speak to someone at the repair depot.  I pointed out the stupidity of this to her, and she agreed to try and set up a point of contact for me if the return request was approved.  M. was the most helpful person I’d spoken to so far, but I requested to speak to her manager to express my frustration with Lenovo as a whole.  He agreed that my experience was very poor and promised to follow up on my return request.

4/23/18 – I emailed M. around 2pm asking for an update on my return request.  She said that it was still at the higher committee for approval.  I asked if she could promise that they’d approve it today as today is the end of the 48 hour window that had been mentioned on 4/19/18, and she said no.  I emailed back demanding that the case be reviewd by 5pm CDT today or I was going to start filing complaints with the BBB as well as any social media and forums that I could find a Lenovo presence.  As of 10PM CDT today, I have not heard if my return request is being approved or not.


Current status:  Lenovo has my laptop for repairs, but cannot tell me when they will have the parts in hand to make the repairs, despite the fact that this is a current production laptop.  I have a request submitted to return the laptop and receive a refund, but it is currently being reviewed by a “higher committee” that has already surpassed the 48 hour deadline that was discussed on 4/19/18.  I desparately need a laptop for my personal business that I run, and need this issue resolved immediately.  Even if Lenovo repairs my laptop and gets it back to me tomorrow, I still want to return it for a full refund, as I refuse to ever deal with Lenovo’s terrible customer service on any future issues the computer might have.


To top all of this off, I was also dealing with another side issue where lenovo mistakenly sent me a new thunderbolt dock as a warranty replacement, but I never requested the replacement.  It took me 3 days and about 6 different operators to finally get that issue resolved and get the dock sent back to lenovo.  I couldn't believe that it was so hard to return a product that I never ordered to begin with.  Lenovo's customer service and cross-department training/communication is an absolute joke.


Moderator note: Lenovo employee names removed per Community Guidelines

Paper Tape
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Re: New P52S overheating when connected to thunderbolt dock - Horrible customer service.

This is a ACPI bug. Refer to since this affects multiple models the p52s as well.

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