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New X1 Carbon 5 Gen damaged by Lenovo Field Technican during warranty repair

My X1 Carbon 5 Gen was bought about two weeks. After one week, it has found Lib Switch problem with blank screen. I reported to Sydney Services Centre for warranty repair. They sent the Field Technician onsite to repair the X1 Carbon.


Without any diagnostic, the Technician roughly peeled off the Bezel  of the LCD FRU  and then replaced the Glass of the LCD., The Lib Switch problem did not solve, but the LCD FRU (Assembly Panel) is damaged without loosen Bezel.


I asked the Technician why he damaged the LCD FRU instead of replacing the whole FRU (thus, my orginial LCD FRU can be recoverable). He admitted that it is very unprofessional, but he just carried out the instruction order from Sydney Services Centre. I can complain to Sydney Service Centre as he cannot do anything to recover the original fitting of the LCD FRU.


I call Sydney Service Centre requesting the replacement of the damaged LCD FRU. Their reply is that the Technician suggest just replacement of the Bezel sheet with his manual fitting.


I will not accept my new X1 Carbon’s LCD FRU being damaged and remediated with manual fitting. It is very unprofessional that the replacement is not the whole LCD FRU, and damage my original LCD FRU for glass replacement. I am going to lodge the complaint against Sydney Services through ACCC if they refuse to recover my LCD FRU with new LCD FRU.

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Re: New X1 Carbon 5 Gen damaged by Lenovo Field Technican during warranty repair

Hello Thomas2016, welcome to the Community,


In such a situation I would suggest you request your issue to be escalated to customer relations, you can do this through the call centre quoting your current / previous case number; the agent will be able to inform you of any following steps in the process.  Please note that usually when a case is escalated all work is stopped and any pending on-site visits cancelled untill the assigned case manager has investigated the situation and agreed any resolution with yourself.




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