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Nightmare experience with Digital River / Lenovo - complete incompetence

I run IT for a startup company in the UK, and as we've had a number of new employees join I placed an order for 10 Thinkpads through Digital River.  Originally, a 1 to 2 weekd delivery time was quoted, but after the order was placed I was sent an e-mail quoting a 4 week delivery time.   Accordingly I called to cancel my order, with a view of ordering the similar units direct from a Lenovo distributor.  The cancellation was confirmed by Digital River in an e-mail.


Much to my amazement a few days later I get an e-mail to say the units will ship in a few days - despite my cancellation and the quoted 4 week delivery time !!  So I call again, and am told that the shipment cannot be cancelled but that I should simply refused delivery when the courier turns up.  In the meantime, my creadit card has also been charged ...   I just placed by business with Dell.






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Re: Nightmare experience with Digital River / Lenovo - complete incompetence

I've had a similar ordeal recently with Lenovo UK Digital River. I've tried to place an order on that crappy website for almost a week, but the order kept being cancelled, while my credit card kept being charged. In the end I've decided to go with another brand. I was profoundly disgusted with Lenovo Digital River.

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Re: Nightmare experience with Digital River / Lenovo - complete incompetence

From my understanding Digital River are probably not at fault most of the time in these types of issues. More than likely there is a communication breakdown between Digital River and Lenovo. From my experiences with Lenovo in Europe I can only deduce that they are pretty sloppy when it comes to customer support. I have had no end of hassle with Lenovo in Europe (Switzerland) - and to top it off I only deal with the business Think-brand. Their technical support is apauling! **bleep** shame!

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