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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎06-30-2017
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No response from lenovo

I have  an odd situation.   I sent my new tablet in for warranty work.   (Stopped charging)   I didnt hear anything for six weeks.  When I finally did they had me fill out paper work saying they could not repair it so they would send me a new one.   I filled it out and emailed it back the next day.   After some back and forth through email the lenovo rep asks me to send my broken tablet in to them.   Hello!   I sent it in already.   They received it may 16th.   Why am I filling out paper work saying they are sending a new one?   The rep told me he would have to check things out.   I sent him a tracking number and the signature of who signed for it.   That was two weeks ago yesterday.   I have emailed him trying to get a reply.   He is ignoring my emails.   What can I do?   I feel like its being held hostage. 


Thanks for any input

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