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Re: Nvidia Reports Large Quantities of Defective Notebook Chips

Hey Guys,


i've two Lenovo R61 - both with Nvidia 140m in it.


The first one's gpu is completely defect - only beeping @ bios time - no screen.


The second one has many Error (vertical lines - blank screen, ...) - see my Thread


I think both are based on the nvidia g86m Problem.


Can anyone help me? Some sign of good will by lenovo?


Would be great. 



Paper Tape
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Re: Nvidia Reports Large Quantities of Defective Notebook Chips

My Thinkpad R61's video card just failed. I was using the nVidia Quadro NVS 140M which is based on the 8400M-GS, and has been known to be faulty. It has all the symptons related to the Nvidia GPU meltdown problem .


It all started very randomly, I was just surfing the web not runnying any GPU intensive applications when my screen started to flicker. It got worse and worse and then it just shutdown. When I restarted my laptop, it would only show some vertical colored lines that basically look the same as this:


I am really not sure whether or not Lenovo took the same path as HP and Dell and extended the warranty. I really hope they did, because otherwise a lot of us who bought the NVS 140M video card are going to be majorly screwed, since the video card is not a component you can just replace as you would do with a hard rive or memory.


Any info related to this and thinkpads would be greatly appreciated.

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