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OK Computers, Terrible Customer Service

2018-10-31, 21:01 PM

Buyers beware,


Lenovo machines are durable enough and not terrible for their price, however if it breaks even under warranty DO NOT EXPECT LENOVO TO HELP YOU OUT. I am in the porocess currrently and have had three technicians out all of which did the exact same thing and lo and behold had the exact same results of not fixing my broken hardware. The process has so far taken 3 months and there has been zero indication it is going to be resolved. The issue is covered under warranty or so I have been told by every Lenovo service representativew and the 3 technicians. In order to get the technicians out to my house I have had to call twice. The first time they order it and then I wait 2 weeks, then the second time they order it again and another week later I get contacted by the tech. After all 3 techs failed to fix it I had to call Lenovo again and they said they would ship an empty box so I can ship back the broken computer. 2 weeks later no box. I call again and ask for a replacement. They tell me in 3 days someone will call to take my replacement request... To summarize: call twice to get techs out who won't fix your computer, call twice to not have a box shipped to me, then call them so that in 3 days they can call me back to probably not get a new computer...


I fully expect Lenovo to welch on their warranty. So if you purchase a Lenovo product and it breaks DO NOT EXPECT LENOVO TO HONOR THEIR WARRANTY! 


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Re: OK Computers, Terrible Customer Service

2018-11-01, 9:36 AM

Lenovo has one of the worst rated customer service departments overall, and I think the worst in industry. If you have to use them good freaking luck! It took a year to replace new all-in-one we bought that clunked out within 30 days. A freaking YEAR! was not worth it which is their strategy. they straight up lied. I recorded all conversation and threatened legal action and finally they were able to process it. I have one right now that the VA got me, but i would NEVER buy a lenovo product myself ever again. They are okay, but they have many issues and are overpriced relying on a name that meant something back in the day. take a look at this Lenovo forum. You can't get an answer on something when you ask them directly. I get that part of it is just other lenovo owners, but it is so hard to get any information. so i feel ya! 


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Re: OK Computers, Terrible Customer Service

2018-11-02, 8:37 AM

Hello jacobp, welcome to the Community,


I was able to find a complaints case that was opened on your behalf and expect that a case manager will be contacting you Friday or at the latest on Monday, you will be able to discuss the different resolution options with them.




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Re: OK Computers, Terrible Customer Service

2018-12-12, 4:22 AM

I had a nice 17" HP Pavillion that worked great for several years. Some of the keys and the touchpad and buttons stopped working, To make due, I used an external keypoard and mouse. It sucked! So, I started looking around for a replacement and came accross the Lenovo 330 Ideapad. Looked at some, I think now were riigged reviews on CNET, and ended up buying it. When it arrived I set it up and started using it right away. From the start the touchpad was way too sensitive. I made adjustments in the settings, but nothing changed. It seemed that if I breathed on it, a click was evoked. It is so sensitive that simply changing directions on the cursor caused a click. Soon there were so many unwanted clicks it was comical, things going off all over the place. It was so ridicoulis I called tech suppprt. When I described the problem, the tech said "uh-huh.... there's nothing you can do about it, you should use an external mouse" REALLY! I just bought this so I didn't have tro use an external mouse! I asked if this was a wide-spread problem, or is it just me? With all his "caring and drive to help me he replied "yeah, lots of people have that problem. If you don't want to use an external mouse, you can get your money back" I had the thing for 3 days, one call to support, and I want to throw it ih the trash!! Now I come here and see nothing but horrible experiences with the computers and support. Wow!.......

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