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Order related customer service concerns

The year end holidays are rapidly approaching and there are a number of new members joining to share various experiences and stories related to their ordering process.


We have had record sales volumes and the phones are very busy right now - hold times may be long.

I would recommend calling 1-866-428-4465 between the hours of 11am and 1pm EST or after 4pm EST to minimize hold times. 


Email and Fax are alternatives, but these communication channels are largely covered by some of the same sales support resources that are responding to phone calls, so response times on these secondary channels may be long as well.


If you have a delayed order - it will help keep the discussions organized if you will find and join your comments to one of the existing shipping discussion threads floated to the top of most of the product family boards.  For example if you are waiting on a Y550 IdeaPad, you would join the shipping discussion on the Y and U series IdeaPad board.


If you have more general order related questions -   Payment methods,  split orders, cancellations or returns, you can append here to this discussion thread.   Please keep in mind that this forum is a peer to peer support community - we are not staffed to provide individual service through this channel.


Thanks  in advance for your consideration and cooperation,



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Order related customer service concerns


I am sorry I have to post here, but I simply seem to hit a roadblock to try to communicate with Lenovo through other channels.


I placed an order for the Ideapad Y550 offer on 12/3/2009, 3:54 p.m.

IdeaPad Y550

Packed with multimedia features.

Intel Core(TM) Duo T6600 processor

Genuine Windows (R) 7 Home Premium

15.6" Wide HD Display (1080p)

3GB memory & 250GB hard drive

Dolby(R) Home Theater (TM) w/ 2 speakers + subwoofer


(Note that I upgraded some components further)



It occurred to me that

a) the coupon code USPGIFTY550 for the extended Cyber Monday event was not applied for some reason and tried to contact customer care and right away. (Some shopping cart glitch it seemed, it was displayed at one point and suddenly it seemed to be gone when ordering)

b) I also wanted to ensure that the product is as advertised because I notice that the order summary suddenly did NOT mention the FULL-HD 1080P display that was advertised in the web-ad, but there was no way to change the configuration, so I have to assume it is going to be 1080P.

Up until now (12/13/2009), it seems that the system is still advertised with FULL-HD (meaning 1080p) but the system configuration does NOT reflect that.

So I attached a screenshot of the ad also in my communciation with Lenovo.


For those problems, I tried to contact Lenovo at


12/03/2009, 7:55 p.m.

12/04/2009, 12:20 p.m.

12/08/2009, 6:58 p.m.

12/09/2009, 9:44 p.m.


And I tried to send a FAX to the mentioned Lenovo FAX number at 12/07/2009 - no response either.


I unfortunately do not have the luxury do have spare time during daytime to make phone calls and not even be connected to someone, I actually tried a few times which could get me into trouble for doing that when I have to do other work, but it was just a waste of time.

I also strongly prefer written communication since then you have an accountable record of what happened and what was said.


How can you go ahead and ship a system before rectifying those concerns?

I have no tolerance for companies simply ignoring customer communication, I do not take "high volume" or "oh, it was Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday" as much of an excuse. A company planning and doing a major promotion has to anticipate a major customer response and thus ramp up their capacity to deal with that. It is in their domain of responsibility. We are not talking about a mom&pop shop who is surprised to be featured at Oprah here and suddenly be overwhelmed.


The system is meant as a gift for immediate (elderly) family who live on another continent, who I do not see not often, so it better be exactly as advertised and the coupon better be applied.


I wish I could attach the picture of the advertisment at here, but the web page still advertises a FULL-HD system, text says:

"Packed with multimedia features, DDR3 memory for fast processing, advanced graphics and a high-end Full HD 16:9 widescreen panel for a true cinematic experience. "


The advertisment has been online for a long time, it cannot be a mistake and I have confirmed that the system actually has been and is available in some places with FULL HD, so I am expecting my system to reflect that even though the information available online is confusing right now.

If my worries are true which is underlined by what seems to be refusal to communicate with me through email it feels like someone is delaying the communication which underlines that it is like bait&switch, advertising FULL-HD and shipping something else, cannot be an error when being advertised for weeks. This is not only illegal but depending on the severity of the case and legislation can even be a prosecutable offense.


I am extremely dissatisfied right now.


What is Lenovo going to do to make me happy again?


Issues/Concerns summarized: Coupon/Pricing; FULL HD (1080p) display and total non-responsiveness for 10 days.


I hope we do not have to go the route of more negative publicity and further escalation.




Fanfold Paper
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Interesting, someone replied (jzhang87), I was able to read it briefly, but now it shows up as "moved/deleted post".

I _hope_ that jzhang87 deleted it and that nobody here saw a reason to censor his response?

While the response did not seem to particularly help me, I would really despise deletion of responses, specifically "hidden" deletion (not marked as "this post has been deleted by a forum admin").


Well, regarding the original post: I hope that someone from Lenovo will read this and decide to help me.

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Re: Order related customer service concerns



Thanks for sharing your concerns.  If you can send me a PM with your order number, I'll see if one of our sales agents can contact you and work through your concerns.  Please also include the best number to reach you, even a cell phone would be great to ensure we can connect and just leave a message which puts both of us into a phone tag loop.


As you read around the forum, I think you will find that we are fairly open with allowing customers to share their concerns and frustrations so long as they stay within the rules.  The rules are posted to the top of the forum and are agreed to by all members.  


Best regards,






What's DOS?
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

I ordered 2 thinkpad laptops, recieved the initial generic confirmation saying a follow up email would be sent within 2-3 days. 


Never recieved follow up email.  Tried to call Lenovo 4 different times during day, each time recieved a message that call volume was too high, call later.


Tried to email customer service, recieved auto-response, never recieved follow up.


Recieved email confirming shipment of 1 pc.  I ordered two, so confused, emailed "holly" who's email was provided in shipment email.  Email bounced.


Tried to find more information about shipment - order detail is missing "shipping status" button .  Yes it's been several days since it was shipped so should be there.


Tried calling Lenovo 3 more times - recieved same message to call another time.


Calld just now and have been on hold 27 minutes so while I waste my time, get more and more frustrated, wanted to share my experiences with others.

What's DOS?
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Update - just reached customer service after being on hold.  Then was hung up on. 


Called back - hold for 30+ minutes.  Was able to finally obtain tracking numbers though very strange call - i was going in circles trying to understand if I was missing something on the website, or if there was a problem.  No luck in communicating the issues.


Hopefully Lenovo is reading this and all the other posts with the same experiences. 



Paper Tape
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

I placed an order over phone for a laptop on 30Nov/1Dec2009 at the time of placing the order I was promised the laptop before Christmas, at that time the Lenovo site was down so the sales rep promised to place my order when the site is up and took down the details. When I got the order details email from Lenovo I noticed that the system configuration I ordered was completely different from the system configuration sent by Lenovo, I got in touch with Lenovo sales rep and they said that they are going to correct this issue when the system opens up. I had been waiting from then to get a confirmation email from Lenovo with correct system configuration. The shipdate keeps on getting postponed,

1) 9-Dec-2009 -- Initial shipdate

2)16-Dec-2009 - 2nd shipdate

3)05-Jan-2010 - 3rd shipdate.


I am not even sure if I will get my laptop by 2010 Christmas. I keep on shooting emails to the sales rep who said that she will take care of this issue, but I don't get any replies from her. I tried to reach her by phone but I always get her voice mail. If Lenovo people could atleast let me know what is happening with my order I would be happier. Why does my shipdate keep on getting postponed?If you can't deliver when you promised why can't you say the same at the time of placing the order?


Copy of the email I keep shooting to Lenovo's internal sales rep,


Dear L****,

The latest shipdate for my order went from 16-Dec-2009 to 5-Jan-2010, can you tell me what is happening with my order. I have been sending emails to you but am not getting any response from you. This is the worst shopping experience I had. I expected a more professional service from Lenovo. Will I get my laptop with correct configuration or not? If so will I get it soon or will Lenovo send it for 2010 Christmas instead of 2009 Christmas.
I don't think I will receive any reply to this email either. This is the kind of service I am expecting from Lenovo.
I had talked to you regarding the wrong system configuration issue. I had not yet received an email from Lenevo with the correct system configuration. Below is my original order no with wrong configuration. Can you let me know the status of my order.

Order Number: *****

It's been more than 2 weeks since I had placed my order my ShipDate keeps on getting postponed and I have not yet received the email with correct system configuration till now.

Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Hi there,


Welcome to Lenovo Forum!


Thanks for your sharing. I'm so sorry to know your experience with Lenovo, and I would like to offer my assistance. Do you mind to send me a message about your order number, machine model and your full name. I'll see what can be done to rectify the wrong system confiugration as well as getting the shipping update.


Sorry for inconvenience caused.


Kind regards,



T410, x240

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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Yes!  I'm having a similar but slightly different experience!


I ordered a laptop as a christmas present about a week ago and realized that I should have gotten a different model.  When I tried calling back either customer service number (866) 42-THINK and (866) 96-THINK it just rang and rang for about 90 seconds and then hangs up on me.  This has happened at least 3-4 times daily.  After the first day I've sent email with no response yet.  I want to stop the order before it goes out the door, which by the way the shipment date has now been pushed back to after christmas!  I literally have no way of getting in contact with them!


Hopefully someone sees this post, and I can only assume that others are having the same issues!

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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Mark_Lenovo: I sent you a direct message on Dec 15, nobody has contacted me.

Meanwhile there have been two delivery attempts already.



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