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Re: Order related customer service concerns

2010-02-01, 19:43 PM

Hi onds,


I've exactly the same problem! So it should be time to get at least a short answer according our inquiry.


Short summary:
- I'm from Europe but have also an valid US street address Lenovo can ship to.

- I wanted to pay using VISA cc registered at European bank but Lenovo's online purchase system doesn't allow this because of address verification or whatever.

- So an alternative might be bank wire transfer which is mentioned on their sale sites.

- I've selected 'quote checkout' and got my confirmation quote number with my order details by mail.

- After that I've sent a mail to websales@lenovo.com and explained that I want to pay using bank wire transfer if European cc are no options for them. As I'm not looking for a long international phone talk I've chosen to mail them.

- Finally I'm waiting for an answer from Lenovo since several days... wonder if a reply will happen anyway.



Dear Cleo_Lenovo / Mark_Lenovo, please let us both know if you can help us out.




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Re: Order related customer service concerns

2010-02-02, 7:57 AM



Two weeks ago my Daughters Y510 did the bounce test and although she was only listening it was still working until sadly after trying to load a 349 meg update immediately after the bounce test (did anyone else get this very large update?) it failed to restart the O/S and shuts down after trying to fire it up. I had her hit the delete button when she booted it and a memory test came up so I had her run it and it said that there was a problem with the boot sector and to put in her recovery disk to initialize the repair but....She is in her last year at University (four hours away) getting her  B.ed and thus has two address's and hasn't a clue where it is! So after talking to just about everyone from support I must complain first that the first person I spoke with was from the Philippines and that's not what I have the problem with but this guy didn't have a clue about Vista and was telling me to push the Lenovo button so I asked him if he realized that if that were done it would wipe her hard drive of all her files and she would have to re-install Vista and just how was she supposed to do that without a disk even if she had a recovery disk??? So after educating this individual about Vista, he couldn't understand what our Postal Code meant or how important it is in order to get our mail(don't they use Zip or Postal codes in the Philippines or what?) and I knew there was going to be a problem having him send her a recovery disk to her university residence, and three days later no disk!!!! Not surprising so I called support again on Monday the 25th/10 and found out that he had in fact sent it somewhere else and the new guy who was also located in the Philippines? Apologized up and down and got the correct address again and promised that I would have the disk in two business days, well it's been three days and still no disk! So I want my $59.00 back for a recovery disk that has been deducted from my credit card the day after I ordered the disk, not to mention after doing my home work I found that not only could she have used anyone's recovery disk providing that it wasn't a Dell,HP etc. she could have also used anyone's copy of Vista O?s to do both jobs for free as Vista is not copy righted. She also could have burned her own copy for free from four different sites posted on Microsoft Vista Forum which of course you have to be running Vista in order to burn one but at least it is free and she could have been back up by now had anyone at Lenovo had the decency to tell me this. One Last again and that is, it also shows and says that you can buy a complete Vista O/S from Microsoft for $79.00, so why would I pay $59.00 for a recovery disk only to find out that it is not going to fix the boot sector for the second time that it has crashed when for an extra $20.00 I would have a disk that not only would do the repair sequence but be able to have an O/S to re-install after the recovery disk tells me that it can not fix the O/S and you know with all that has happened so far that that is what will happen. The work order number is WN 165894 and I first spoke with Brian who desperately needs training and to learn to speak English clearly and the second tech's name was Gary who seemed to know his stuff but as you can see I am no further ahead regardless. So please as I asked keep your disk and credit back my credit card as I have ordered the Vista disk for the twenty bucks more!


Hung out to Dry


Recovery disc and OS disc is of course different. Recovery disc contains the image of the whole system (according to models) incluidng OS, preload softwares (office, anti virus, etc) , drivers, etc. It's meant for recovering the machine to the factory state just like when u first received ur machine. It saves a lot of times to install many other preloaded stuffs because the recovery disc will do the rest for u. Most importantly, the preloaded sofware like office is still available for use.

OS disc from microsoft however is just OS.




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Re: Order related customer service concerns

2010-02-06, 3:31 AM

I odered on 1/20/10 and I travel this sunday for a biz trip and still no laptop.


Is it too late to cancel? I have to now buy a temp laptop because of all of this! :smileymad:


In fact, the est ship date listed on the order status page was pushed forward by 2 weeks days AFTER I made my order. If i knew it would not be here on time I would have just ordered a stupid Dell.


I figured 15 days was enough time esp since the original ship date was BEFORE my departure.


Please advise, Is it too late to cancel?


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Re: Order related customer service concerns

2010-02-06, 4:59 AM


First I apologize if this is the wrong forum, if so can someone please direct me to the correct forum.a


I purchased a Y 550 from lenovo back in November.  When i purchased it, it was for 589, I even received a confirmation email stating so.  I was able to check my order thorough lenovo's order status and sure enough it showed $589.  When lenovo shipped my laptop they charged me an additional $100.25.  My order was shipped on, December 17thI contacted lenovo December 18th, the next day and have been disputing it ever since.  Now that is horrible customer service.  I have sent the confirmation email to numerous reps, but yet noboby can resolve the issue, why is that?  I even tried to return the laptop (still unopened) after the 3rd day i received it and they told me i was going to be charged a restocking fee because they were in the middle of taking care of my pricing issue.  Guess what it still isn't resolved.  I am sorry I don't know who else to speak too.  Everyone I have spoken to is incompetent in the company. I am hoping someone who works for lenovo reads this is competent and can resolve this issue.

These are the reps i have spoken too. The first agent i spoke to was xxxx@lenovo.com.  She never resolved my issue, I called and emailed her and she never responed.  I called back and spoke with agent, xxxxx@lenovo.com he assured me  he would take care of my issue and he never did.  I tried to contact him via email and phone and he never responded.   Next I called back and spoke with xxxxx .  He also assured me he would take care of my issue.  Guess what he hasn't.  In face I think xxxxx is stuck in a loop. Let me explain that.  He emails me (automated of course) every 3 days with this email (shown below).  This email was first sent on january 14th and I continue to receive it till this day.  In my opinion I will receive this email till the day i pass away.  I have received this email 8 times.  What is going on here?


I don't understand why such a simple issue has dragged on this long.  I would at least like this issue to be resolved.



From: ...Add to Contacts To: email goes here


Hi Mr/Ms. Name Goes here,

Thank you for contacting Lenovo.

Further to your query on your order number 2E1VMM,this is to inform you that the request for refund has been submitted to appropriate department, We will get back to you in 2 business days with updated information.

We would also like to let you know you are a valuable customer for Lenovo and we appreciate your business with us.

Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1-866-428-4465, we would be glad to assist you.

Assuring you of our best services.

Thank You

Senior Sales Support Team
Lenovo Americas

New World. New Thinking. LENOVO


Note from Moderator:  Names and e-mail addresses of Lenovo employees removed per community rules of participation.


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Re: Order related customer service concerns

2010-02-06, 10:13 AM
Moved to Forum Housekeeping board.


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Re: Order related customer service concerns

2010-02-08, 7:27 AM

dmaday, Oh dear your case should be attended at once. I am really sympathetic to the troubles you faced and i hope you could give me a chance to straighten out the mistake.

Do you mind to send a private message to me for escalation purpose?

  • Full Name
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Email address
  • Machine Type (e.g. 7660-34A)
  • Machine Serial Number
  • Order Number

Many thanks!

thehydn, I'm sorry for your order delay but perhaps you should try to call to cancel if it does not ship yet.


T410, x240

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Re: Order related customer service concerns

2010-02-08, 16:27 PM

Hi there,


So here's a timeline of what has happened over the past week:


Feb 2, 2010 - Ordered a laptop on Lenovo
Feb 4, 2010 - Called to cancel, CSR said I would get an email in 24-48 hours (I did not)
Feb 8 ,2010 (Today) - I get an email saying my order shipped


I have called a CSR and they issued an RMA and said that there would be no restocking fee applied to the return.  This kind of conflicts with the return policy but I'm hoping it is the case.  I expected the cancellation to go through the first time but instead the laptop got shipped.


In a case like this, I just want to be sure the restocking fee will not be applicable if anyone could provide some information on situations like this.


Thank you.


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Re: Order related customer service concerns

2010-02-09, 5:31 AM

I'm trying to make a purchase at the Lenovo US website and I keep getting this error message


(The bank did not approve the charges for the credit card provided. Please verify the information provided was accurate, contact your bank or enter another form of payment)


I've verified with my bank that the card is in order and there is sufficent credit to make the purchase. (I previously used the same card to make successful purchases a few months back) I even tried using another credit card but was still unsuccessful. I tried using different shipping addresses, tried using different computers, different accounts, no luck. Whats the problem here?


I've called, emailed lenovo, but still no word or help.


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Re: Order related customer service concerns

2010-02-10, 16:14 PM

when did the error message appear? is it right after you checked out?

Are you sure you're using the shipping address as the one in filed in credit card? 


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Re: Order related customer service concerns

2010-02-11, 22:19 PM



I'll grossly oversimplify the return policy and 15% restocking fee as - if it's Lenovo's fault, the fee is waived, else the customer is responsible for it.    In this case, if you call to cancel BEFORE the product ships, the rep doccumenes your cancellation request in your order, then even if it ships the next day, you won't have to pay the restocking fees.  (it would be Lenovo's fault).   If you call after it ships, it isn't Lenovo's fault.  Typically it takes 1-2 days for a cancellation request to go through.   Hope that helps!




Hopefully my answer to macrossfx addressed your questions regarding cancellation.   I don't know what your present estimated ship date is, and it takes a day to research an individual order through our supply chain and provide a more firm date based on any particular component constraints, and then to offer guidance based on that date and the current date as to whether there was time to cancel.  Again, you can cancel anytime up to the point it ships, but if it's within a couple of days we may not be able to actually stop the shipment.


Related to your comments which were moved to housekeeping.  While these are good general order questions, it may be  helpful for members to inquire based on what model or series of system they have ordered, and pose those questions to the appropriate shipping thread floated to the top of that product board - for example, T series ThinkPads or Y series IdeaPads, etc.    Including as much information as you can will improve the ability of the community to respond in a helpful manner.


Best regards,



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