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Re: Order related customer service concerns



Sorry that you are experiencing a lag in response.   Lenovo is aware of the delays in email response, and I've tried to outline some of those in the first post of this thread - essentially that the sales team was rather flooded with inquiries through the holidays, and response times were delayed.  While the team is working to respond to all channels - phone, fax, email, we are prioritizing resources to respond to phone calls to reduce hold times.


I expect this situation to be largely resolved over the next two weeks following the holidays as we work through the remaining order support inquiry backlog.  


We are also looking at the top issues triggering  inquiries and concerns and are developing further improvements in our supply chain, credit services, order status communications, and sales checkout process to help address these, which  in turn should reduce some of the exception workload on the sales team and free them up to be more responsive to all communication channels.


For immediate assistance at this time, I would recommend that you call our direct sales team.


Best regards,




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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Hi Cleo,


I am currently experiencing one of the worst customer service I had to cope with in years and I am getting desperate.

Here is the situation, I have ordered a T400 on the 29/11/2009 hoping to get it before Christmas so that I can work on it abroad during this period. The customer service gave me a tracking number and promised me to get the laptop at the very last on the 21/12 (almost a month later... well I don't normally like to complain so I agreed on that date).


We are now the 05/01/2010 and after the 30 emails and 20-ish phone calls passed to UPS / Lenovo, they finally admitted they did loose the package. 40 days to finally get this answer is a lot to swallow... I have been asked to place a new order (also, why should i place a new order when my laptop has been ordered 40 days ago????)  to which they would apply 10% discount as compensation (which I believe is the least lenovo can do...) and got the worst reply ever from the customer service:


Here is my current order (I used a christmas coupon to get 15% off ):


Qty   Product      Description                                                 Web Price incl. VAT:        Total

1       2764CTO   ThinkPad T400 - 1 Yr Depot Warranty    £1,339.82                            £1,339.82


and here is Lenovo's reply regarding the new order:



Hope this e-mail find you well.
Please find below specification  which is same as your machine lost by UPS.
Prices at the moment is £ 1,521.11 but we will offer you 10 % discount so it will be £ 1 366,99 to pay .
Waiting for your response if this suits you...


Let me think...mmh no... it doesn't really suit me.... So basically, they offer me 10% off the new order and I end up paying even more money??? I am not sure if Lenovo understands the concept of customer services....


Here are my order details:


Order Information
Order date and time: 29/11/09 10:38
Customer Number: 10014896
Order Number: LN42445102

Tracking number: 1Z9FX858D980057981


1) The money has obviously been taken from my account

2) I have asked to get the manager contact details to explain my case but never got a replied from the customer service person...


Could you please come to my rescue on this matter?

Help would be much appreciated




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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Another dissatisfied customer! I received my SL510 2 days ago.

The problem - I ordered the machine with McAfee factory preload so that I am protected as soon as I switch on and can start immediately donloading other software that I may need. No such luck!! No McAfee no security.

I telephoned the order assistance number 2 days ago. They agreed I had odered the McAfee. "We will check with the factory & get back to you" they confirmed my phone number back to me though waht the factory can do about it now I can't imagine. 2 days later no call from Lenovo (perhaps the factory can't do anything). I call again, get an answering machineand leave a message.

Still waiting for a reply. Meanwhile I am using a Toshiba notebook purchased on 12 December without problem. I downloaded McAfee direct from the web for this machine at less cost than the Lenovo factory pre-load with a 3 machine user licence.

Moral of the story appears to be don't bother ordering factory preload software from Lenovo. No security, no service, more expensive and less licence flexibility.

P.S. the machine did come loaded with a 60 day trial prompt for Norton security but it's another long tale why I use McAfee!! You would have to pay me to use the others.



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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Letting a costumer know the day before an estimated order was supposed to ship there is a problem is probably not the best way to do business. This is not the first problem I have had with this order either. When I first placed the order on the weekend of the 26 using an international bank card I was notified the following Monday that there was a problem with the billing. No problem I managed to get through the next day and after a brief wait I was able to change the card associated with the order with only a day change to the estimated shipping date. Apparently I was wrong it turns out the CS rep that took my information transposed two digits in the CV number which caused the order to not only be declined but also flagged as suspecious activity. So I call into Lenovo's costumer service in order to fix the problem now keep in mind I know exactly what the problem with the order is, you would think that would apparently be an easy fix. It wasn't after I was bounced around a bit I was able to eventually find someone in credit card services that was able to stop reading from the script long enough to listen to what I was telling him. He placed me on hold while he spoke to whomever and came back on the line to tell me everything was sorted my order was "released" and that I should be receiving an e-mail with "updated" information... that was almost seven hours ago.If it is this hard for someone to buy a product from Lenovo getting one repaired/serviced must be akin to Dante's days trip through the seven circles on hell.

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Re: Order related customer service concerns

allen713 wrote:

Letting a costumer know the day before an estimated order was supposed to ship is probably not the best way to do business.



allen713 wrote:

If it is this hard for someone to buy a product from Lenovo getting one repaired/serviced must be akin to Dante's days trip through the seven circles on hell.

Fortunately, Service is a different department. I've had nothing short of excellent experiences getting ThinkPads serviced. Smiley Happy




See also my comment here.


Best regards,




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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Yeah I saw the post you made that you are linking to. I am saving about $300 over what it would cost elsewhere, assuming it gets here. And I must say it is nice to know that the service department runs somewhat smothly.

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Re: Order related customer service concerns

I'm trying to make a purchase at the Lenovo US website and I keep getting this error message


(The bank did not approve the charges for the credit card provided. Please verify the information provided was accurate, contact your bank or enter another form of payment)


I've verified with my bank that the card is in order and there is sufficent credit to make the purchase. (I previously used the same card to make successful purchases a few months back) I even tried using another credit card but was still unsuccessful. I tried using different shipping addresses, tried using different computers, different accounts, no luck. Whats the problem here?


I've called, emailed lenovo, but still no word or help.

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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Update: I got a response from Lenovo stating that I have to make an order via A moment later I received a web quote for my purchase via email, but there was some discrepency with the shipping and billing address so I am still waiting for my customer representative to make the changes before making the purchase. Hope all goes well now...

Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

jmabk6, I'm sorry for the lost of your ordered ThinkPad. In regard to your new order, I cant assure you I can influence the respective team in UK, however, I will give it a try to get someone to look into your case.

Besides the customer and order number you provided, do you mind to provide me more details as below? Send me a private message will do.

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone Contact Number

user60, It's regrettable that you do not get McAfee as you have purchased. Let me see what can be done to restore back your confidence in Lenovo. Could you send me your details as a private message?

  • Full Name
  • Machine Type Model (4446-14A)
  • Serial Number
  • Order Number
  • Email Address
  • Phone Contact Number

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Best Regards,

T410, x240

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Re: Order related customer service concerns



I am a thinkpad fan... even my boss asked me to buy Sony. I still stick on the thinkpad... not mention the IBM logo changed to Lenovo.


I have very horrible customer service while I place my order for my thinkpad in these days. and this is never happening before.  To change the item or cancel the order is like to change the capital name of NC to Cary.


For example, I ask Sale Rep to cancel the previous order so I could replace the new one, as the previous order's L/T is 5 weeks. I did not pay attention until I place the order. It's should be an easy job. However, the weird thing is Sale Rep keep telling me "cancellation request has been send to appropriate division", not to tell me the cancel confirmation number.


I know it's Lenovo's company SOP for the order cancellation. However, Lenovo should do more to care about what customer's thinking and what's customer's feeling.


Lenovo is building the top notch computers. but the flex and response for customer care is so weak that I can hardly see if Lenovo can compete with D and H company.


Outsourcing the customer service to India might be a very good idea for the cost down. however, I don't think Lenovo's thinkpad customer will even look at D or H brand. D company was done this wrong and they have move the customer serive back to States. I think Lenovo should think about this. ... you might need to talk to Beijing guys... as they are in the blind side of this.


New World New Thinking... I think this is time to change.


Change is good.



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