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Re: Order related customer service concerns

I am having the same problem, here is my experience.



I was wondering if any one else has had any problems with this group? I attempted to purchase a computer over the internet middle of January. After a month and never seeing any money coming out of my account and my order number became invalid, I contacted the company. I spoke to someone, who barely spoke English, and they said my order was cancelled. When I asked why, he said he didn't know why. He attempted to find out, but there was no reason. I called back spoke to someone who said they would take care of the problem. In order to make up for messing up the first order, they decided to send me a free carrying case. I got a call back saying that my billing address and shipping address were different and that I needed to contact my bank to get that shipping address fixed(which I never heard of.), so I decided to get it shipped to the same as the billing address. Supposedly, this resolved the issue and I was to receive my computer. Two weeks later, it still wasn't taken out of my account. Being upset, I contacted them and asked where my computer was, they said there was credit card problems and the order was cancelled. I was not contacted to be informed that there was an issue. Instead, they said the best they can do is give me a 5% discount. I said make it 10% and you got a deal. I told them I was willing to buy the computer at the price quoted the first time and the second time, not only that I was more than patient with them. But the third time I was not going to pay that price and I wanted 10% off, they said they could not do that. I asked if they wanted my business. They said they want us to be happy with our computer purchase at the end of the day, and I advised them I was not happy.

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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Hi also had some what different experience.


I have ordered lenova think pad on Feb/9/10 and i have put request of order cancellation within 2 working day. Even i have called customer care executive and sales officer confirm that my order cancellation request successfully placed or not. Customer excutive told me that i will get my money back in my account within 4 day.Because it will take 2 days to cancel order and 2 day to credit amount back to account.Because i wanna to buy other configuration of lenova.But After that also they have shiped same laptop even i had already confirmed order cancellation.Actually I can't use my money to buy any other laptop. and my money is block upto 15 days.I have asked to customer care for reason for same they were telling like  because of internet error i got executed even i have confirmed cancellation of order 3 times.

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Re: Order related customer service concern

sounds like they don't really care about what there customers want. Poor training skills, for a computer to be of such quality you would think they employees would care more about the customer.

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Re: Order related customer service concern

I received the e-mail below and have not been able to contact Credit Card Services.  Anyone have any suggestions as to where I can call and actually talk to a person that can help me.  Thanks!


Hello Mark,


I have been reading a lot of postings where you help out people with issues regarding their credit card payments and acceptance of their order, and I was wondering if you could help me out.  I received the following e-mail:


Dear Lenovo Customer,

Thank you for your order 2F2FJJ_.  We are currently unable to process your order with the information provided.  Please see the list below  for the problem(s) with your order and the corrective actions that need to be taken.  Once you have resolved the issue, please reply back to this e-mail, and we will work to complete your order.  If no response is received within 4 business days, your order may be cancelled.  Thank you for your prompt attention to this e-mail.

- The shipping address does not verify with your card company
        Please contact your bank and verify that the shipping address is on file.
        Please provide the bank phone# from the back of your card.

Thank you for choosing Lenovo

If you wish to speak to a customer service representative, please call us at 1-800-426-3325 M-F 8:30 am-6:00 pm EST

Credit Card Services
Lenovo Inc.
1009 Think Place  
Morrisville, NC 27560


I have already verified the shiping address with my credit card company.  I paid with a debit card from a US Bank Account, NOT an international credit card.  All seems to be in order, except I haven't been able to talk to the people in Credit Card services as they never answer the phone.  What should I do??? My bank says the transaction went through, but still I don't know why I received that e-mail.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Best regards,




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Re: Order related customer service concern

I ordered a new Thinkpad X200 from the web site about a month ago. 


You see, I was a big fan of thinkpads for the last 6 years or so.  My last two laptops have been thinkpads, and it was time to get a new one. Heck, I've even bought 6 or 7 for my employees over the last few years.  But, never again. I have just gone through the worst and most frustrating customer service experience in my life with Lenovo, and I can't seem to talk to anyone who knows anything about it there!  Does anyone know anybody who can actually help me get my laptop delivered?


I ordered this X200 from the site because it was the one I wanted, for a decent price, that had a ship date of 2/5 (about 2 weeks).  I was pumped.  Then I got a call on 2/4 telling me that the hard drive I ordered in the model has been discontinued (but they forgot to take it off the website).  I instructed the very pleasant inside sales rep to replace it with another one and ship it.  She assured me she would expidite the order with the new drive, and it should be to me by 2/13 latest.


I check the website on 2/13 for shipping status, and it tells me the new date is 2/15.  2/15 comes and goes, I send a frustrated email to the rep, and I get an apolgetic email that the laptop is now to be shipped out on 2/21, because the warehouse is closed for Chinese New Year holiday.  I am assured, in writing, the the laptop would be shipped on 2/21.  I email some questions to my rep and her supervisor last week, but have not heard ANY answers back about the whereabouts or likely shipping date on my laptop.


Guess what?  It's 2/26, and my shipping status on the website now says shipping on 3/9!  I called and emailed the inside sales rep and her supervisor multiple times, but they have not returned my calls or emails for 9 days now. Does anyone know anyone at lenovo who cares about keeping a customer and can actually help me get my laptop built?



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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Well I'm now the one day-old proud? owner of a T410. Now have 8GB ram, 500GB 7.2k drive, i7 620m.

General feedback - Lenovo's shipping quality sucks - the box rattled before opening and it turned out the power supply and cable were sliding up and down in a boxed section - but they were not wrapped in bubble bags, just thrown in...

On opening the PC itself, there was NO foam protection between the screen and keyboard. A first for me - I thought all notebooks shipped had that for protection.

The worst thing was that there was a mark on the screen! On calling the returns number, I emailed a photo of the mark on a 'brand new' laptop and they refused to RMA it without a restocking fee. Not something I'd expected to hear.

I decided to try a screen cleaner to see if the mark was permanent (it looked scratched), but after some good wiping it did finally come off. Phew! That saved a call to the CC company.

This was not quite the experience I expected.  I found it hard talking to the customer service people - they didn't appear to have the expected focus on customer satisfaction.

Saying that, now I have the laptop, it appears otherwise well made and is definitely very fast.

I am posting this in the hope that someone at Lenovo reads this and gets the message that the experience was not one they want me telling friends...

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Re: Order related customer service concerns



There is, or was, a problem with the email addresses Lenovo sends out with the sales person's name that placed the order for you.


I've been reading some posts in this thread and I saw someone else mention the same thing that happened to me back in December 2009 after I had ordered my W700ds.


One of the confirming emails I got from Lenovo gave the sales person's name that had placed the order for me and gave their email address.  I sent an email to that address and got back a failed to deliver message.  I tried this at least twice and not on the same day and the same thing happened each time.


In fact the email actually says that you should call or email this person if you have any questions but I called a few times and was never able to talk to that person again even though I asked for them at least twice.


Except for the unbelievably incorrect original ship date, my experience with the sales department was otherwise a good one.







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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Hey Mark...i have a question regarding a possible exchange/upgrade.


I just received my Lenovo S12 and i am experiencing problems with the space bar already.  Also i have found the computer to be too slow for my liking.


Is there anyway Lenovo will allow me to refund the amount so i can purchase the Ideapad Y450?



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Re: Order related customer service concerns



I had placed an Order for a Lenovo Laptop on 2/26/10. I had done so using your web site.


When I placed my order, I had entered a coupon code, that the web site accepted and quoted me a price of USD 807.03 that includes tax and shipping


I got an email from Lenovo (from KF [])  saying


Unfortunately, we are unable to complete your order.  There was an error that resulted in your order being priced incorrectly.  As a result, your order will be cancelled.


I also spoke to one of your representatives from Sales Support department. Her name was AR (ext: xxxx). She informed me that basically the situation was my problem and she was unwilling to help me with the situation.


While I was shopping for laptops, I had several choices and had coupon codes available for DELL and HP. I decided to purchase this laptop because the price was marginally better. Now the coupon codes for DELL and HP have expired.


I am dumbfounded that Lenovo cannot keep their word and is engaged in business practices that are clearly unethical. If it was Lenovo’s website that had problems with coupon codes, I shouldn’t be the one to suffer the consequences.


Please advise what Lenovo is willing to do to rectify the situation.






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Re: Order related customer service concerns

I have an outstanding case (AD2907) in regard to a returned T400 Custom built laptop where I was "supposed" to receive a full refund to my credit card within 5-7 business days.  It is now 11 business days since receipt of the laptop and what do I have to show for it?  1.  No laptop because it is in the RTP area (received on February 12).  2.  Out x-amount of dollars to show for a laptop that is not in my possession and promised a full refund for. 


I am wondering why such a large corporation like Lenovo wants to keep both my money and my laptop?  I was always under the impression that Lenovo was a class act.  My feelings are diminishing daily since my emails are being ignored by my Customer Relation's Representative (whom I will not name at this time).


If I do not hear anything from Lenovo in the next week maybe I should buy a full paid ad in the News Observer and/or Durham Herald Sun explaining how wonderful Lenovo has become and how they are financially strapped and need my money.  Maybe that will will get Lenovo's attention because my emails have not.


Thank you for reading.



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