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Paper Tape
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

I ordered an Edge laptop over a week ago and was told that the card didn't have the same billing address and shipping address. After using an alternate card that does have the same addresses, it still hasn't shown in the system that it is taken. I called customer service twice, and both times they said that they need the address information to be changed on the account. 


I call my banker, and they tell me that the addresses are identical for shipping and billing. Then calling today, i get the "due to circumstances beyond our control, the call center is closed) . I was counting on having my laptop by the end of next week for my business trip and now it looks like the August 30th ship date is not going to make it.


I even emailed and explained to them the situation and that my banker is authorized to speak to lenovo to verify the addresses. I still haven't heard anything back. What is the situation with the call center and customer service.


Thanks for your time.



Paper Tape
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

After 5 days of buying a laptop I received an email saying that  "we are unable to process your order with an International card". I have an US issued card, but I don't know how to update with such information. I have been calling the 1-800-426-3325 number for hours, but nobody answers...

Paper Tape
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

I emailed, I called, I waited, I explained that I can use a different credit card but Lenovo decide that they are going to simply cancel the order. Lenovo has the WORSE customer service in the world. By far....

Paper Tape
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Lenovo Cancel My Order Without Giving Any Reason

I got any email 2 days ago about a huge discount to new subscriber. The offer period is only 2 days and the order can only be done by phone. Since the discount is very rare, so I got everything ready and put my order.


And nightmare began. The sales person got my postal code and shipping address wrong, so I have to call customer services and wait for 10 minutes to change both of them. But even after I called, there are still errors on my order. And I called again. The customer services told me that it will take 24-48 hours to show up on the website. Fine, I will just wait.


But only 2 days after I ordered, they sent me an email says that my order is cancelled without giving any reason. Even worst, they sent me the email 10 minutes before the business hours ends on Friday, which looks like they intentionally don't want me to talk to them about it.


I'm sure that I didn't do anything wrong. I talked to a real person and she didn't tell me anything is wrong. My bank also says that my payment went through.


I will call on Monday to figure out what happen. I really hope that lenovo would not let me down, but if Lenovo cancel my order without even asking me, I will be using legal means when necessary.

Paper Tape
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

I made an order on 9/11 and I received an email today as below. I have called my credit card company and they said they have approved this payment on 9/11.  I ordered this laptop for my friend who is in New York. I have asked AMEX to put his address in file now. Hope it helps.  I emailed back, no respond yet.


Mark, I saw a lot of posts you helping people resolving such problems. Could you please help to look into my order to make sure everything is going fine now.  Thanks a lot! It's kind of urgent since my friend is about to go abord a couple of weeks later. We truly want it to be resolved as soon as possible.



Thank you for your order 2FL4N5.  We are currently unable to process your order with the information provided.  Please see the list below  for the problem(s) with your order and the corrective actions that need to be taken.  Once you have resolved the issue, please reply back to this e-mail, and we will work to complete your order.  If no response is received within 4 business days, your order may be cancelled.  Thank you for your prompt attention to this e-mail.

- The shipping address does not verify with your card company
        Please contact your bank and verify that the shipping address is on file.
        Please provide the bank phone# from the back of your card.

Thank you for choosing Lenovo

If you wish to speak to a customer service representative, please call us at 1-800-426-3325 M-F 8:30 am-6:00 pm EST

Credit Card Services
Lenovo Inc.
1009 Think Place  
Morrisville, NC 27560

Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: Order related customer service concerns


It seems that your order is still on Credit Card hold. Maybe a backlog or something else happened. I am not very sure. I suggest you to check with customer service rep at 1-800-426-3325.


T410, x240

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Paper Tape
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Hello Cleo,

Thanks for your reply. I have called them....But the status hasn't changed yet?

Could you please check for me again the current status? Is there anything I could do to speed it up?

Punch Card
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Hi Colette,


I will check into your order and see what we can do from this end.



Punch Card
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Sorry about that cocolute, spell check got me!
Blue Screen Again
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Greetings all,

This community looks great and I can definitely feel a helpful vibe here! Having that said, it is unfortunate that the undertone of my first message here is one of concern.

My beloved T41 finally met it's maker last Sunday; its years of service served me well - so much so, that I would not think of owning another laptop without the Thinkpad name. The drive was in tact and I keep good regular backups, so there wasn't any data loss,  just an old friend put to rest.

Since I run a few highly visible blogging sites full time and do Linux consulting, I'm on the road more than I'm home, meeting with advertisers and doing on-site IT consulting. When my T41 died over the weekend, I quickly acknowledged the fact that I need a replacement and quick (my netbook doesn't cut it on the road).

Being that I'm sold on the Thinkpad quality, I navigated to the Lenovo website to find a worthy replacement.  after spec'ing the lineup out, I found the W510 to suit my needs perfectly. I researched the model, third party reviews, and began to price out a model with options on the main Lenovo website -- where I hit Problem #1, a 3 week build time: there was no way that I could wait three weeks.

Running through the gauntlet of online stores that carried the W510, and came close to adding it to the cart...

Amazon? No, I have had bad dealings with Amazon's shipping times in the past.

eBay? No way - too big of a crap shoot.

Craigslist? None listed

I begin to start closing the obscene amount of browser tabs I had open, and find a thread on a notebook forum and learned of Lenovo Outlet. Yes, I thought to myself, this might not be a bad idea, remembering a purchase I made for a few servers last year from Dell's outlet store, where the warranty on the refurbished R805's were very decent as were the condition of the servers.

Scanning through the Outlet listings, I find my perfect match - a W510 with an HD+ screen (the HD+ resolution was even a plus for me, versus the FHD since I value my eyesight Smiley Happy. Going through the checkout, I opt for the fastest shipping available: 2-3 business days .. ok, I can live with that. I think to myself that I'm getting the product I want, without having to wait for the build time.

A lighter checking account later, I call it a night thinking that I made the right decision and that I would be back in business by mid-week. I half expected to see an invoice in my inbox by morning, and a tracking number in my inbox that afternoon. This is where Problem #2 has come about.

With no updates to my order status page, no email invoice, a dent in my checking account,  and an "Est. Shipping Date" of 09/17/10, I start realizing that I quite possibly made a bad decision. Fueling my angst, I start to read the "horror" stories of other Lenovo Outlet customers, I start to freak out. Truly, I was under the impression that the item was in fact, in stock and that it would most likely ship in the next business day or two.

I'm sure that some of you here have purchased from Lenovo Outlet before, so I ask you this question: in your opinion, am I pretty much screwed in getting this notebook in a timely fashion?
EDIT: seeing as others have posted their order #, mine = 2FL6D7
If I could even just get a logistical idea as to what is going on, I'd sleep better this week (i.e., is it coming from China, was it sold to someone else, etc).
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