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Paper Tape
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Credit cards were charged three times, Lenovo says they have no record of the cards.

I ordered a refurbished x220 from the Lenovo Outlet today.   I initially used a (US) debit card to place my order but I realized the billing address was incorrect, so I called up Lenovo Customer Service to set up a different (Canadian) credit card with the correct billing address (the same US shipping address) as a secondary address.  The Lenovo rep said the new credit card would not go through (and when I asked him to repeat the credit card number to double check, he sighed loudly and repeated the numbers sarcastically as if I was a child).  I contacted my bank to ask about this, and they said Lenovo charged me twice; meanwhile the debit card statement shows that Lenovo charged me once there too.  I contact Lenovo again, and a different representative says that they have neither the credit card nor the debit card on file, and that I should check with my bank.  I did, both banks report the charges.  At this point, I can use neither my debit card and my credit card because this triple-charge has put me close to overdraw, and Lenovo says they know nothing about it.  Who can I contact to resolve this?

Fanfold Paper
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Shipping delays and poor customer service

I ordered a Lenovo laptop on 12/22/11, it is set to ship on 1/27/12. My emails to the cs dept as to why such a long wait went completely unanswered, and after reading pages and pages of shipping complaints I fear I may get the same run around.


This makes me think getting the extra warranty on the laptop was a mistake. I can only image how they will respond to a service issue.



What's DOS?
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Re: Shipping delays and poor customer service

I ordered my laptop on January 5th and i got delayed three times now and my new estimated ship date is now March 14th. I didn't even get the extra warranty or any other add-ons and they push it back two months....

Paper Tape
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

My T420 was shipped from Shanghai on 1/16.  It reached Louisville 1/18.  It is still in Louisville as of 1/24.  


These delays are completely unacceptable for business purchases where business cannot be done without the laptop in hand.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Shipping delays and poor customer service

Well as expected, Lenovo inablitly to ship in a timely matter has hit me too.  I called the cs dept. today to check on my order set to ship tomarrow (1/27) and it turns out it won't ship until March. I placed the order in December. Four months to recieve a pc is just unacceptable. Its too bad, the computer has such high marks, but its no use to me if I don't recieve it. I cancelled the order. I guess this will be the first and last time I ever shop with Lenovo.


Paper Tape
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Good experience, re: Order cancellations



I've read many of the problems people encountered in this thread and I hope here to share my positive experince and hopefully what I learned from it:


Last Friday I configured and ordered an x120e from the Lenovo US website to my US address.


On Sunday evening I found a cheaper coupon code I could apply on the Lenovo Canada site. I decided to order this system to my Canadian address and cancel my initial order. I hastily ordered this second system before cancelling the first order. I was confident I could cancel the first order in time. However, two and a half days had already passed.


On Monday morning, I called customer service to cancel order #1. They assured me they would try, but they could not guarantee the order would be successfully cancelled in time before the system shipped. I was told I could return the system with a RMA number if I wanted to with no charges. Instead of cancelling, I was urged to accept a small discount on order #1 instead of cancelling. I cancelled anyway.


Then afraid that both systems would arrive, I called again to cancel order #2. I had NO PROBLEM doing this because the order was placed so recently, and I received immediate confirmation via email and on the order tracking system that the order was cancelled. I was also given a direct phone number and email to the customer service agent in Canada who helped me.


I called BACK to see if I could have order #1 ship as previously planned . . . the answer was YES, and the agent again offered me a small discount to account for the price difference between the Canadian and US websites, and for my trouble. I should emphasize that the trouble was entirely MY fault and caused by me hastily ordering a second system before cancellling the first order.


I learned from this to:


1. Call AND email if necessary. I got the results I needed by calling, and was treated well. I did follow up by email and my emails WERE replied to in around 24 hours which I think is pretty good.


2. The 'chat' feature on the order tracking page is useful and the representative there confirmed that my order status is still valid. They were able to tell me the details of the notes placed on the order, i.e. my initial cancellation and the second note to NOT cancel the order. This was quick and easy.


3. Orders are processed quickly! I know this varies from system to system, but next time I buy a system I will NOT check back again in two days checking for a lower price. Computer prices are steadily changing as specs increase - I was happy with the initial price and shouldn't have 'tried for more.' All the same, I was surprised and pleased to hear the agent offer me a small discount for 'my trouble,' which really was my fault anyway!


In the end, my original order shipped today and my hastily placed second order was quickly and effeciently cancelled. I'm happy with this experience.


Thanks for the stories good and bad shared in this thread that helped me decide how to deal with this.



Paper Tape
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

I have been using Lenovo (IBM) products for over 25 years but am finally going to move to another system.  I recently ordered my 10 th personal system from Lenovo -- web site listed an expected ship date for the very plain vanilla V570 ideapad 3 days from the current date.  Placed the order and when I checked the expected ship date it had jumped to 2 and one half months!  OK, maybe production delays, etc are delaying the shippment.  Have checked the Lenovo site periodically and the website consistently advertises an estimated ship date 3 or 4 days from the current date (today's estimated ship date is 2/16/12 -- 4 days from today).  This is just plainly a deceptive business practice and certainly not what I expect from Lenovo.  I have been trying to cancel this order for more than a week and keep getting a "the cancellation will show up in 3 to 5 days."  Well, its been over a week and no cancellation.  While this might be understandable from a small supplier, Lenovo?  Do they have such antiquated and inefficient software that a simple order cancellation becomes a major issue?  As a vice president of an engineering company I've fought with my IT staff for years to ensure that we can obtain Thinkpads for our staff -- they are finally going to win and no longer have to deal with the supply chain issues that they have always complained about from Lenovo.  Having expericienced deceptive business practices myself, I am finally going to capitulate and let them order from HP or Dell.

Punch Card
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Re: Re:no email nothing

Sadly, it is perfectly normal.

Paper Tape
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Maybe I'm the lucky one. I tried to purchase a Lenovo X220 directly from Lenovo. Two weeks after they processed the order I received an e-mail it was cancelled due to credit card issues. I called the credit card company and was told the transaction processed with no problem. I called Lenovo card services and was told by Cindy that it was actually a Lenovo issue. Lenovo flagged me as a fraudulent account because I tried to ship the laptop to an address other than the billing address of the credit card. I requested they remove the flag and ship my computer. Cindy's response was "the flag cannot be removed and you can never purchase a Lenovo compute using a credit card" I then spoke to Trevor in sales who said he would follow up and get the flag removed. The result he confirmed the account was flagged and he was working on it. Never heard from him again. Three days later I called card services again and asked for an update. I spoke to Adrian who assured me he would take care of it. Five minutes later I was informed I was flagged and there was nothing they could do about it.  I asked to speak to Alfonso, his Supervisor, who informed me he did not have the authority to do anything for me. He gave me the e-mail of his boss, Edmundo, who could fix the problem. He then suggested I should wire transfer money to Lenovo to pay for the computer. I told him if they did not trust me  why should I trust them with my money. What would happen if I transfer the money and they will not ship because my account is flagged? He assured me that would not happen. I assured him he was correct. I then e-mailed to Edmundo a detailed list of all the people I talked to and all of the responses I did and did not get. Never heard from Edmundo.

It is unfortunate Lenovo builds such a great computer. I have been using them for over ten years and the only problems I have had have been customer support issues. Interesting that Toshiba had no issue shipping my new computer to the address I requested.

Ha anyone else out there had such miserable service from Lenovo?


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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

I purchased a Lenovo laptop of December 22, 2011.


The following is a timeline of the horrible customer service I have received over the past few months. I would like my order cancelled, and so far all calls to you customer service department have been useless, and my email have been ignored.


December 22nd - Item was set to ship on December 27th, 2011


December 27th - Item ship date was changed to Jan. 27th 2012


Jan 18th - Set and email to questioning the delay. I received no response.


Jan. 26th - Called Lenovo costumer supports to confirm Laptop would be shipped the next day. I was told it would not ship until March 27th, 2012. I asked to have it called, and was told I would receive an email cancellation notice in 3-5 business days.


Feb 6th - Called Lenovo costumer support to ask why I hadn’t received my cancellation email yet, I was told I would get it by the end of the week, and later received the following email from Sam



In reference to our recent discussions  regarding your order no : 2J49LV , we have filed & forwarded your request for CANCELATION ,

however as mentioned its not a guarenteed process, so we are marking you this email for your reference  as discussed on the phone.

It would take 3-5 business days for the same to be processed, once cancelled you would receive a mail  for the same.

Thanks & Regards,


Feb 8th - Received and email from informing me my order was back up and they would try to ship it out by March 3rd.

Later that day I sent an email informing them I had requested the order be cancelled. They responded by asking for my order number. I responder back with my order number, and got no response.


Feb 13th - Called Lenovo costumer support a THIRD time to ask why the order was not yet cancelled.  I was told the cancellation request did not go through due to a “technical error” on Lenovo’s part, and a new cancellation request was sent in. I would receive notification via email in 2 business days.


Fen 15th – No email received, and laptop is still not cancelled!!!!


This is by far the worst buying experience I’ve ever had, with any company, in my lifetime.  Again I would like this cancelled. The last representative I spoke with tried to assure me that if my laptop did ship I could easily return it, and get my money back, with no shipping or restocking charge. However, since everything I’ve be assured of up to this point that fallen through I don’t trust this will happen either.




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