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Paper Tape
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Will my order ever be completed and shipped??? Do I live in 21st Century or Stone Age??



Here are my order details :


LENOVO G770 - Order Date 02/06/2012

Original Scheduled Ship Date 01 - 02/10/2012

Modified Scheduled Ship Date 02 - 02/13/2012

Modified Scheduled Ship Date 03 - 02/14/2012

Modified Scheduled Ship Date 04 - 02/15/2012

Modified Scheduled Ship Date 05 - 02/16/2012

Modified Scheduled Ship Date 06 - 02/17/2012

Modified Scheduled Ship Date 07 - 04/09/2012

Modified Scheduled Ship Date 08 - 04/25/2012 (According to Customer Serv)


Per Cust Serv, LENOVO is gone shopping for the various parts required to complete my order!!!


Awesome! Mind blowing!!!


Way to go, Lenovo!!!


I am new to Lenovo...and I am impressed already!!!

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Order related customer service concerns


2-16 I got a private message from a lenovo employee ask for order details. I sent them. He replyed say the issue was escalated.

2-17 Got a phone call on my cell from a lenovo rep. who said he canceled the order for me today and would email me the info, got it seconds later. Too bad it couldn't all go this smoothly.


Funny thing, all the reps I spoke to before without any help were from an overseas call center. The call I got today came from North Carolina, which is were the lenovo headquarters are.


Anyway, thanks for resolving this! I do appreciate it.


Paper Tape
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Re: Will my order ever be completed and shipped??? Do I live in 21st Century or Stone Age??

Is there anything I can do to get the laptop sooner??
Paper Tape
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RE: Order related customer service concerns

I tried to purchase a new Lenovo X220 from your company. Due to an internal glitch in your system I was informed Lenovo flagged me as a fraudulent account because I requested the laptop be sent to an address different than my credit card billing address. I placed this order directly with Trevor and he assured me it would not be a problem. After trying to get this corrected for over a week I finally purchased a Sony Vaio Z. I have never been so disgusted with a customer service group in my entire life. If this is the kind of support they provide when a customer is trying to purchase I can not imagine how bad it is when the customer has a problem with a unit they already own. After reading many blogs and customer comments I have to believe Lenovo does not care about its customers or their satisfaction. I believe Lenovo does build a superior laptop and have owned five to date. I will never own six. Building a superior product is of no value if you have alienated your customer base.
I would be more than happy to discuss this with anyone at Lenovo who cares about losing loyal customers.
 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   E-mail me and I will send you my phone number or send me yours and I will call.
A former loyal customer.
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Paper Tape
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Re: RE: Order related customer service concerns

I ordered a laptop directly from Lenovo with Amazon checkout. Now I receive my laptop but my card has not been charged yet. Shall I wait for the transaction to happen before starting using my laptop? Am I egligeble to open the box before having payed for its content?

What's DOS?
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Betreff: Order related customer service concerns

I bought my first Lenovo laptop in July 2011. I don't use it a whole lot, mostly just for surfing the web on the couch. I bought it just to have a laptop, and it was a decent price.


This February is the last time I had turned it on. I then went on vacation. I left my laptop at home. I just recently returned and went to turn it on and it would not power up. So I called the tech support and after troubleshooting they said I need to send it in. It is still under warranty so the repair will be covered.


However, Lenovo expects me to pay out of pocket the shipping for this faulty piece of crap hardware. I have spent nearly 3 hours arguing with customer service reps about this. What may cost $15 in shipping charges, they have just wasted more than those expenses with their customer service reps arguing with me. Not only that, but they have also lost me as a customer for life. I will never again purchase a lenovo product due to this terrible experience.

Paper Tape
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Betreff: Order related customer service concerns

I think things have probably changed.  I ordered from the outlet on Friday, April 28th in the late evening.  I received a confirmation eMail immediately stating it had a scheduled ship date of 5/4.  On Wednesday, May 2nd I received a confirmation eMail saying my item shipped and left the facility that day.  Funny thing was, it arrived 2 hours prior to that eMail!


I probably had all of the worst scenario conditions possible (based on peoples history here) to have a screwed up order as I ordered late on a Friday night right before the outlet site goes offline for maintenance, I had a shipping address different from the billing address, and had it delivered overnight.  From what I read, almost everybody who puts a different shipping address gets a cancelled order and the same goes for web orders vs a phone order.  Oddly, I received my notebook before I even got the confirmation saying it shipped.


I think things have order went smoothly and if you don't count the weekend, my order was shipped the following day.


Paper Tape
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Order Status: In process

Order Date: 02/05/12
Estimated Shipping Date: 30/12/12

A technical glitch of some sort...

I ordered a y470p during the recent sale, and the model that I ordered (i7-2670QM + HD7690) is still in stock. The estimated shipping date for a order placed right now on the product page is 08/05/12 - a turnaround of 4 days. Why is the system telling me that I will have to wait until the end of the year? I'd like to know about when I will receive my laptop. 

Paper Tape
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

I ordered a ideapad y470p and my order was cancelled and i was not notified at all.  WHen my order never arrived I contacted lenovo and they said it was delayed.  I contacted them again and they said it was delayed.  I contacted them a 3rd time and they said it was cancelled because they ran out.  Thank you for telling me =/  (not even an email) 


They finally transferred me to sales and rebooked my order with the y480 and said it would ship sometime next week.  Once again it got delayed an additional week.  


My question, what is going on with my order?  


my original order date was 4/28/12 and my new order is delayed to arrive 6/3/12.   They dont give me a tracking number so when am I going to get my laptop?


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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Order: 4240402960


Estimated        Estimated
Ship Date         Delivery Date

2012/06/07    2012/06/11

2012/06/17    2012/06/24

When I ordered this machine, Lenovo's order system indicated it would be delivered in time for Father's Day. Now suddenly there is an additional 10 day delay. This is not acceptable.


I would like a Lenovo customer service representative to contact me with details on how they will fix this, or I would like to cancel this order. Thank you.

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