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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

hi Cleo,

i sent an email to you, please check and help me to solve the problem.


i very can't wait any more since it happened on Nov.9. i have being calling to support center/ sales center how many times a day. 


i'm pretty sure the keyboard is fine until i mailed to support center, i very don't know why they said there is a Button missing from keyboard. i may think maybe when they opened it and missed it.


and then they said "accident damage", try to ask me money($960)  to fix it.


i think it's unfair to me, they totally ignored what i said(missing wireless adapter and Bluetooth adapter). 


so please please help me, my leptop still in support center right now.


thank you so much!

Paper Tape
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Cleo, I don't know what you did, but I got an email today that said that my computer was shipped this morning.  I hope to receive it soon  Smiley Happy  Thank you so much.

Merry Christmas

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Shipping issue on a G series laptop, hoping someone can help me...

order #


I ordered on Dec 18th as a christmas gift (for a person who is without a laptop and needs one for work.) When I placed the order, the estimated time till ship was 5 business days, and the estimated ship date was the 25th. Truthfully, I had no expectaction of getting it before christmas (I gave the person an IOU and a "sometime in the next few weeks," which I hoped was more than enough cover the inevitable holiday shipping snafus) nor did I think it would actually ship out christmas day...but when I logged in today to check whether it would ship before the new year, I found a new est ship date: 02/05/10. o_0


Thing is, I've checked every day since placing the order in the hopes that it would ship at least close to christmas, and this is the first change in estimation I've seen. The 5d estimation also stayed up on the web until the 25th from what I saw.


Did my estimated ship time really just get pushed out to 40 days after my order the day after the holiday shopping season ended?  I was willing to add a few weeks of buffer to my expectations, but there's absolutely no way I would have bought this as a gift if I'd known it might not be until the second week of february that the recipient (who needs a working computer) would be receiving it.


I'm hoping that I don't have to cancel my order, but if the new ship date is accurate or I can't get a less fuzzy estimate, I'm going to have to.


edit: ah, there is a forum for the g series after all. 

Paper Tape
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Dear Cleo,


The order number is: 2E3KJL


The order was not cancelled. I am still waiting for the system. Can you look into this issue.




Sale Price                        $858.00
USPDEAL10Y550         -$239.00
Shippng and handling:   $10.00
Estimated Tax:                 $37.74
Estimated Total:            $666.74


Below is the system configuration I ordered but which was entered wrong:


IdeaPad Y550:

System components:
    Intel Core 2 Duo processor T6600 (2.20GHz 800MHz 2MBL2)
2)Operating system:
    Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 32 Bit
4)System Graphics:
    nVidia Geforce GT 240M graphic card with 1GB memory
    Black painting cover and Grey Palmrest
6)Display type:
    15.6 HD WLED Glossy, 1366*768 with 1.3M integrated Camera
7)Total memory:
    4 GB PC3-8500 DDR3 SDRAM 1066MHz SODIMM Memory (4 Dimms)
8)Hard drive:
    320GB Hard Disk Drive, 5400rpm
9)Optical device:
    SuperMulti DVD Recordable (Tray type)
10)Integrated WiFi wireless LAN adapters:
    Intel WiFi Link 5100 1x2 (AGN) WLAN
    6 Cell Lithium-Ion 2.6Ah  
12)Power cord
    Powercord for UL
    4186: 1Year Depot Warranty

Services and software:
Base warranty
    Base warranty: 4186: 1Year Depot Warranty [included]  
use default values

use default values (- don't add any accessories)

Shipping method:
2 Business days @ $10





On 18Dec2009 I sent the below email to the sales rep who is looking into this issue but I did not receive any reply back from her. For every 6 emails I shoot to lenovo sales rep I get a reply to only one.



Dear L****,

Just checking to see if you had received my email containing the correct configuration details if not let me know so I can resend it.






Punch Card
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Thanks Mark, I'd appreciate if there's anything you can do to help!


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Update to my previous post: I heard back in a cs email response that the ship date for the system I ordered was tomorrow (which would be wonderful!) as opposed to February (although 02/05/10 is still the ship date on the website.) I'm now hopeful that this will work out well and I don't have to run around looking for a replacement  Smiley Happy


(I'll update when the system gets shipped.)


Update: shipped this morning.

What's DOS?
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

I ordered a laptop from Lenovo. The computer arrived and the screen would not light up. I tried everything, adjusting brightness, powering it up, but the screen was clearly not working. I called to return the computer, and they told me they would charge me a restocking fee unless I called tech support first. So I called them, and they tried to walk me thru some options and they agreed the computer was not working and needed to be returned to them. I asked to return the one I was given because it did not work, and I would prefer that to a repaired or refurbished one. They said they would give me a case number and to report it to the returns dept and I would not pay a fee. I tried to reach returns again, but was put on hold continuously, to no avail, for over a week. I also tried to email with no response until much later. When we finally reached them, they insisted I still pay the restocking/shipping cost because I had to return the computer to tech support first (despite their telling me otherwise, plus the time and cost involved for me.) I still initiated the return and said I would dispute it with my credit card company.


When I called back after returning the computer and argued that they sent me a defective computer, and I shouldn't have to pay the fees, they said they had no proof (even after I had mailed it back) that the computer was not working and that I had agreed to pay a restocking fee when I returned the computer. They showed no empathy for the fact that I was paying $80 for the privilege of returning a defective computer, or for the long time spent trying to reach them, or possibly spending the time and money mailing it back and forth to tech support as the only option. Why should I be charged for returning a defective product? When I said I would tell everyone I knew how they treated customers, and that I would never buy future products from them, they said I could go ahead and do that. What kind of company is this???

Paper Tape
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

I am very disappointed with Lenovo. I placed an order for an X200 tablet on December 16. The order status website gave an estimated ship date of December 24. This date held until December 24 when it was changed to January 1. That date held until January 2 when it changed to January 11. This computer was ordered with two business days shipping but what good is that if the computer doesn’t leave the factory?

There are two reasons I am so disappointed. First, I was hoping to have this tablet to use in our booth at BETT (BETT is the world’s largest educational technology event held in London). Second I kind of wanted to show colleagues that there are good computers to be had other than those made by ****. This newest ship date means that when I fly to London on January 9, the computer won’t be flying with me (and I will be presenting with that other company’s computer).

Just out of curiosity, is Lenovo’s inventory tracking system so poor that they don’t know if they have the required components to build an order until the day it should be shipped?


Order #: 2E519W
43Y5216    SBB I.C2DUSL9400(1.86GHZ6MB L2
42X6309    VBB 4GBPC3-8500 1067MHZ2DIMM
43Y5244    SBB 320GB HDD, 5400RPM
42X6325    SBB INT.WIFI LINK5300
44C9181    SBB NORTINT.SEC.2009-15MONTHS

Paper Tape
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

@1gr8lady wrote:

Cleo, I don't know what you did, but I got an email today that said that my computer was shipped this morning.  I hope to receive it soon  Smiley Happy  Thank you so much.

Merry Christmas


WoooooHoooo!  Happy New Year to me!  Thank you Cleo!!! The laptop that I ordered, and that you checked into, arrived December 31st.  What a great New Year's present.  Haven't had time to check it out yet  Smiley Sad  My computer tech is out of town until Wednesday, so I hope to have it networked and on the net by Friday.  So far though, everything is okay. Speakers are fine, display is great...

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Order related customer service concerns



Apparently the customer service skills of the sales team have yet to improve. I made a purchase last week and sent an e-mail To: ''  about my order. I have not received a response and I am wondering, why I would want to do business with a company that does not understand the importance of communication. I would like information about making a complaint as well. If Lenovo does not know of the problem, then it cannot be fixed.



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