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Re: Order related customer service concerns



Thanks for letting us know... I note you haven't been back to the forum since 2/12.  I'll trying contacting you today by email so that I can get your order number and see what we can work out for your.


We try to provide estimated ship dates, but I also understand that as a customer one needs to be able to trust the general guidance on the date, since in many cases like yours, time is a factor in the purchase decision.


Sorry we have let you down so far.



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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Hello there,

I had to return a T410, since it had scratchs on the bezel.

The laptop was received in NC on February 1st.

And I am still waiting for my credit. The hotline said, it has been approved, but I do not see any money on my account.


We are talking $1700 here!


The Lenovo website says 10 busines days, which I can understand, but now we are at 15!

This is not acceptable.


Can some one please look into this?



Order# 2E6J7K

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Re: Order related customer service concerns



I am having an odd "problem" with my order and would appreciate any advice.

I ordered a W510, a dock and carrying case a while back and although the w510 was severely delayed (projected to ship 5th march) the other parts have already been delivered.

However when I login to check the order status (hoping for a miracle...) I notice that the name appearing on the top of the order page changed from my name to another persons name! Also the billing address changed to this persons address. The shipping address is still mine though.

I have already paid the full amount of the order by wire transfer.


Naturally I got worried and called Lenovo to get things sorted out, but all i got was a response that everything was al right with my order and they where sorry for any inconvenience that another name/billing address appeared on my order!?

I made it clear that i expected them to change back the order to contain my details in all fields but nothing has been done.


Has anyone experienced anything like this? should i be worried?

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Re: Order related customer service concerns



I see your location is listed as Sweden... I wonder what country's website did you order through?   I'm not sure we have direct sales in Sweden yet... did you use the US website?


If so, can you send me a PM with your order #?   I'll ensure this is properly reviewed and we follow up with you.


Thanks for checking in.  Fraud can be a concern, and anytime information is changed or is requested to be changed after an order is placed, we have to look into this carefully for the customer's protection.


Best regards,



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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Well, Needless to say Lenovo pulled a "Lenovo" yes I have created a term for Lenovo's business practice.  Someone was kind enough from the forum to have an agent contact me.  I spoke with this agent and He assured me this issue would be resloved.  Guess what for the 4th time, it hasn't.  He gave me his extension and email and I have tried to contact him several times and he doesn't return my calls or emails. Now that is a "Lenovo" becuase that is what the other 3 agents did as well.  They assure you the issue will be taken care of, promise they will be back in touch with you and never return your calls or emails. 


This company has truly let me down and I know i will never do business with again

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Disappointment with Lenovo/IBM service on my T61

Paper Tape
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Re: Order related customer service concerns

I placed my order last October. Firstly, I paid by a international credit card and the sales representative called me and said that they could not approve that card. Then I used a debit card to pay my order. However, I checked my international credit card account recently and I did not receive the refund. Please help me!


Order number: 2DYKM8

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Re: Order related customer service concerns

Good day , I need some assistance . I ordered W700 December 25th.. got a email saying can't use that credit card. So I reordered January 6th... got a estimated ship date Feb 11th, so that like 4 weeks or so.... now my Order is delayed to estimated ship date of MARCH 25th!! ... that's almost 3 months! I need this laptop do most of my projects which I am struggling at moment. Can some one check this out for me? . I ordered from lenovo US

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Re: Order related customer service concerns



By comparison my problem seems small by never the less I still need your help. I purchased a laptop on line on Feb. 7th 2010. I should have received it last week, but now customer service is telling me it will be two more weeks. I was told I would be put on a "Critical List" and it would take two business days to get a better ship date. Well I am on my third business day and have not received any new information. I hope you can shed some light on my problem. 

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Re: Order related customer service concerns

I am having the same problem last night and today!

The credit card is fine, I tried another card too (all US cards). But cannot process at Lenovo's US site!!!


I get the same error as enmaxinc posted above! on this thread



I'm trying to make a purchase at the Lenovo US website and I keep getting this error message


(The bank did not approve the charges for the credit card provided. Please verify the information provided was accurate, contact your bank or enter another form of payment)


I've verified with my bank that the card is in order and there is sufficent credit to make the purchase. (I previously used the same card to make successful purchases a few months back) I even tried using another credit card but was still unsuccessful. I tried using different shipping addresses, tried using different computers, different accounts, no luck. Whats the problem here?

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