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Paper Tape
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Polish warranty and service problems

Sorry for my English. 
I'm owner of y530.  I sent my computer (on warranty) to Polish service (A NOVO - Wolomin)
I report  problems with hinges, lcd white pixels, some times on turning on laptop didn't show anything on lcd or on external monitor. 
After two weeks of waiting I recived answer: 
Translated with
"On May 12, 2011 12:57 user <Lenovo.Service @> wrote: 
Dear Sir, 
Inform you that the above equipment is damaged matrix (stains on the matrix), the bottom cover and the housing around the keyboard and battery - in short holds. 
Vulnerability is not eligible for warranty repair. 
The cost of parts and service is 1955.48 zł gross. 
Warranty: replace the hard disk, better hinges. Indicates that the repair warranty will be made subject to the approval of the repair fee. 
Pricing is valid for 7 days. 
They send me a photos with damaged housing/cover in hinges place and bad pixels on lcd.
  They demand 2/3 of price that I pay for laptop in shop. They reject requests for clarification. The service and the Lenovo (
Lenovo Technology B.V. Sp. z o.o. in Poland) ignore my mails and calls. 
Acording to polish internet forums a lot o people have the same problems with Lenovo Poland and A NOVO service. Some of them started in court proceedings.
I can send all correspondence and photos send to me by service. The computer is still in service. 
Can somebody help me?
Blue Screen Again
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Re: Polish warranty and service problems

I had almost the same issue with my y560. I sent it to the same service i believe because it got "dancing pixels" problem, very common for that model at that time and for others too Smiley Wink . I just want to add that i sent it in a perfect shape. After a while they sent me notification that the screen of my laptop is broken and I need to pay something around 1000 zl(333$) for the repair. I couldn't believe in that, I called lenovo several times to solve somehow that and I asked them to show me the "box" which laptop was sent in because in my opinion currier damaged that laptop and somebody took it from him without checking the laptop concisions!!! And what happened ??? They told me that they couldn't find it and they repaired my laptop for no cost!!!! And that how my story ended Smiley Happy

Punch Card
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Re: Polish warranty and service problems

I must say that I had similar problem with my y560... service (A NOVO  Wolomin) replaced bad matrix two times and I still have few green pixels on new one... also my fan was dead and replaced two times. I hadn't laptop for couple of months due repairs. Every time I contact tech support I was assured  that my laptop will be repaired.


Three times laptop came back to me in same condition in which I sent it.


I had to explain and do long conversations with supp tech. Of course when I mentioned word "court" everyone knew what to do... 

I think that polish service treat people with contempt. Moreover I heard that service can replace the damaged hardware to the already used. Just my 2 cents..


I have hope someone from lenovo staff will help you. Good luck.


Paper Tape
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Re: Polish warranty and service problems

Lenovo and A-NOVO totally ignore my claims, mails, calls,  refuse to explain. They refuse to give me information about responsible departments. I try to mentioned about court, box but always the same answer from A-NOVO: "Service will not change decision on valuation and expects a decision."


I've just received my laptop back without any repairs and diagnostic information. Panel above keyboard and cd-rom are worse fit than before. 


Does anyone know if I can send laptop to another country according to warranty?  

Lenovo Poland is totally misunderstanding

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