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Poor Customer Service

Before I purchased a Lenova laptop, I read about poor customer service problem and frankly just thought it could not be  that bad and I placed order.   When my laptop came one of features did not work and I talked with customer service two times, the first was female and here english was excellent a very helpful and was, I think, US based.  When problem returned, called again and it could not have been worse as I was connected out of country.   I allowed TEC to take over my computer and he moved things, removed things and when still not working, was promised a  call back with further help.  Never a call back,  3rd call and asked to return as they could not resolve.   Now returned it and still no credit to my AX account.  It would be nice if their customer service had better English Language skills and their thought process and my thought process worked along the same lines.   When you explain a problem, the customer service personnel just do not seem to be able to understand and think the problem out with me in a clear and logical manor.  It is as if we are on different wave lengths.   Maybe sending some things out of country if okay and I often visit the countries where most of these jobs have been outsourced and have wonderful time in these countries;  however, I just do not think that they have reached the level of delivering customer service in a manor I consider acceptable.  With all the problems I see on line in many web sites about Lenova customer service, I just cannot understand why they cannot make an effort to address the numerous problems that people are having with their customer service and I do think they have a big problem.  RBW, Scottsdale,AZ

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Re: Poor Customer Service

welcome to the forum!


sorry to hear about your issues dealing with CS.   can you explain your issue here on the forum?   perhaps someone can help you find an answer.

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