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What's DOS?
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Re: PowerDVD 10 blu-ray playback issues

I have the same issue Bluray not working, laptop is three days old (G770) patch didnt help , please advise or i will return the laptop to amazon for refund, thx

What's DOS?
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Re: PowerDVD 10 blu-ray playback issues

Im having problems with The PowerDVD 10 It was playing blu rays before, now it makes me download update.  When I finish downloading the updating and have to install it, I get an error message.


"Setup Could not find a file on a specified disk or path


Please check that the proper disk is inserted or specify a new path"


Im saving it on my desktop.


When I click retry it says "Error - 1612 The installation of this product is not available.  Vertify that the source exist and that you can acess it"


What's DOS?
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Re: PowerDVD 10 blu-ray playback issues

I have a new Lenovo Ideapad Z570 with the same problems that everyone has listed.  I was hoping the link that you posted would work, but when I try to install the update (it says I first have to uninstall Power DVD 10) i get the following error:

cant load SKUtil.dll

HELP!! I bought this computer becuase I was told I could play Blu Rays and I havent been able to play a single one. I have tried over and over to install the update with the same results.

Paper Tape
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Re: Terrible Customer Service

Hi Mark,


I downloaded the version from your link and still nothing happend,i get no sound on blu ray movies... The fist movie blu ray movie I played everythink was ok, but the 2,3,4,5 no playback sound at all. Please help ! 


Thank you in advance 


Lenovo Y580

What's DOS?
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Re: PowerDVD 10 blu-ray playback issues

The Lenovo IdeaPad like IdeaPad Y570/Z570/Y580/Z580,etc notebooks shipped with a Blu-Ray optical drive and an OEM blu-ray playback software. The version of Windows Media Player that ships with the notebook does not support playing Blu-Ray movies and the Lenovo recommends using the OEM blu-ray player sofware to play Blu-Ray movies, but many people still came across their Lenovo IdeaPad can not play some Blu-ray movies. So if you are a Lenovo IdeaPad notebook owner, and want to play Blu-ray on Lenovo IdeaPad Y570/Z570/Y580/Z580, you are recommended to have a professinal and lifetime Blu-ray Player Software for Lenovo IdeaPad, and UFUSoft Blu-ray Player is a great choice.

What's DOS?
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Re: PowerDVD 10 blu-ray playback issues

Well I guess this is about the worst OEM bundle support Ive seen. I work for MS and spoke to my OEM team and this is not the only product Lenovo turns a blind eye to their lack of support and shows that the OEM software they provide is focused on Max profit and not customer care or satisfaction. I paid around a $1000 for a Y580. To have my Blue Ray go out at a year to the date is no wonder. And the only answer from Lenovo is to purchase new Blue Ray software or if you try support you have some foreigner repeatedly say you need to pay around $300 for software insurance. Not even in our MS Premier Services (Software Assurance) are we so out of wack. Shame on Lenovo. This has not happened to one HP, Aser, ETC. Laptop customer. What really pisses me off is they distribute Think Pads for our employees. I will be starting an internal campaign to investigate MS issues with Lenovo. Wake up Lenovo and reach out to all of the laptop owners and supply them with the fixes for OEM software they purchased with their computers. Everyone with these issues please spread the word about Lenovo that is unfortunately one of our (Microsoft) large customers. What goes around comes around.

What's DOS?
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Re: Terrible Customer Service

The PowerDVD 10 application asks to be updated when I try to play a Blu Ray disk.  After updating at the Cyberlink site, it still won't play and asks to be updated.  After using your link in this thread, same results. Please help.



What's DOS?
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Re: Terrible Customer Service

Have an IdeaCentre K430 with PowerDVD10 pre-loaded (purchased Aug 2012). Same problem -- insists on updating, accepts the update (from the link above), says the update is completed -- then insists on updating...

What's DOS?
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Re: PowerDVD 10 blu-ray playback issues

Hey. Just found a fix that is quick and easy. If you have this as a desktop shortcut, right click on it and Run as Administrator. No more problems since then. Hope this helps.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Terrible Customer Service

I did the update but I still get error, this time instead of the 80040256 error I originally got I am getting a message to do a complete reinstall of the PowerDVD software.   This is frustrating since my computer is less than a month old!  what gives? 

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