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Problems at Lenovo Brazil support

Hi if anybody can help me solve this problem or contact the president os Lenovo, it will help.



I bought one Lenvo Idepad S400 touch in May/2014. In July the hard disks starts problem until stops working.


In 05 - July -2014 I opened a call in Lenovo support, number 131642. The attendant pass me the deadline for receive new hard disks an I receive the restore medias about 10 working days. The deadline ends in 22- July-2014, same day I call the support for aks about the status, and ask why I dont receive yed the restore midias. They give me a anser they have a problem at logistic service and the hard disks comes from exterior.


In 16- August -2014 I call the Lenovo and they give me the same answer of 22-July.


In 20 -August I call the lenovo and the give the same answer of 16 -August.


In 16 - September I call back Lenovo Support for ask about my midias and the parts for repair, the attendant give this answer, the hard drive and the restore media is within thechnical support.


In 16 - September the technical support call me , to schedule one day for repair the notbook, and they questioned me if the restore medias is in my power. I give this information i receive that from support of Lenovo. They said to me they dont have received the restore midias, and If I dont have these midias thaye cant repair my notbook.


I call back the Lenovo support and other attendant give me other answer, he say in 04- September the restoring medias was requited, and I have to receive until 17 - september. But now is 17- September and I don receive nothing.


Now we are in September and I done any answer about my support. I want know where i can return this notebook to give back my money.,

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